1. This entire sub Reddit is unhinged, I can’t believe people posting/commenting here are serious

  2. there is a counter swing culturally to trumpism and its this. Both sides are radicalizing anyone that is willing to let someone else think for them. The amount of room temp iq posts i see from both sides lately are embarrasing for america.

  3. I had the full sized wolf king Timberwolf as my first gaming keyboard, they even made an "exxtreme" version which was just 2 biscuits with the right side being for typing

  4. Looks amazing! How many plants did you grow and how long did it take you to make this strain?

  5. Why have thc hotsauce? A condiment that makes anything an edible.

  6. I guess for me having it in a hot sauce would be WAAAAY to easy to overdo things.

  7. It is for me too i dont use it unless ive got time, its strong af.

  8. Its possible that no one notices but thats not the point. Its good for your mind to treat your physical body good. I struggle with depression too and its easy to be your own worst enemy.

  9. How long do you ferment in the bag?

  10. Dont have a specific time because my temps in my house are seasonal they are gonna go quite a bit slower in the winter for me, probably atleast 90 days

  11. Oh man overwinter breeding! I rubbed a cat foot for good luck!

  12. Only strain ive encountered that smells like perfume and sharpies.

  13. Have the exact same peppers labeled as dragons breath, pretty sure this is the off pheno shape.

  14. Coyote zan white! They are great habanero heat with a good flavor.

  15. How would you describe the flavor on those? I have seeds and was thinking about adding them next season.


  17. I’m curious as well. Haven’t heard of these. Just followed your link, good info. Are you up for a trade? If so I can dm you what varieties I have. Thanks

  18. Are you doing makeup to look like a heroin addict or are you a heroin addict?

  19. Gummies and suckers, dont have everything nailed down yet but doing a chile mango sucker for the nostalgia and some tropical gummies.

  20. Awe spider mites are terrible. Maybe look into a natural pesticide

  21. Salt, black pepper, thyme, olive oil, lemon. That's how I always do lamb.

  22. You can build yourself an ugly drum smoker fairly easily and they are the dopeness. Build cost under $400 and they are bigger than a wsm.

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