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Local restaurant owner tells employees that they do not work for him to pay their bills, they work for him to pay his.

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  1. I quite like owning my things, I'm good (I've learned I am but a fool so disregard this, I shall leave this up for future generations to learn from my vocabulary mistakes)

  2. look up personal property vs private property! you might find it interesting

  3. I did find that interesting actually thank you. You'd assume personal property would fall under private property since it's property that is private, or at least not public, language is crazy huh

  4. you're very welcome. it's one of those things that's good to know vocab-wise, in case you come across people using those terms.

  5. My dad told me I'm not his son anymore and I responded yeah I'm your daughter and he blocked me

  6. sorry to hear you had to deal with that. glad to hear you aren't dealing with a toxic person like that anymore.

  7. "sounds like you're not doing a very good job as a business owner, huh?"

  8. I'd like to give a shout out to millennials for making cats cool again

  9. Sunscreen wasn't invented until VERY recently. Like, the late 1900s. Redheads and people with fair skin have existed longer than that, and didn't just hide inside all the time.

  10. I mean, my mom has red hair, grew up in the 50s, and went to summer camp, went swimming, worked on a farm...

  11. You're not going to fight the level 120 superbosses and stuff on your first playthrough.

  12. The superbosses aren't that hard when you've reached the endgame, the only thing that was a big challenge was the land of challenge (heh) in 2 without the 3rd accessory slot.

  13. did you hit level 100 on your first playthrough? I started ng+ at like level 50 or something in XC2

  14. I think the common "half your age plus 7" is a good rule, power dynamics notwithstanding.

  15. One of the major nerfs to irelia was flawless duet from cost 1 to 2.

  16. that's still a pretty big difference compared to flawless duet always being 1. you also can't blade dance and play a 2-cost spell with just spell mana.

  17. I grew up in New England and we generally (aside from Mass) have the same approach of letting someone in when they signal. I've noticed in the DMV though that there are a few categories of drivers in this situation. There are those who seem to think the blinker gives them right of way and see no need to wait for a gap. They've moving over, be grateful they gave you a warning and gtfo of their way. On the other end of the spectrum are those who for the life of them, just cannot seize the gap. They have plenty of room to merge available and they're too hesitant to actually execute. They'll leave their blinker on long enough you assume they've forgotten it's flashing. NoVa driving requires some aggression for sure but also I think people learn to be predictable here (MD being a stark exception) and slowing down for a car to merge over is not a predictable action in this region especially in the Mad Max left lane.

  18. yeah, I think this is it. I'll happily let people in if they change lanes smoothly, but if they can't figure out how to get the heck over, I want to get past them.

  19. Perhaps you don't understand that if someone is trying to merge from a lane to the left of you, they have priority for safety's sake (they may need to make an exit or get to the side of the road), so you're actually being a jerk by not slowing down to allow the merge.

  20. If they need a right exit, why are they in the left lane?

  21. We literally use "bro" in english to refer to acquaintances or even strangers sometimes

  22. yep, or "my brother" if you're black or a redditor obsessed with saying "my brother in Christ"

  23. There's 0 difference between 100g and 1000g! --Dad

  24. Yes, even though people usually get him through poro cannon. In a dedicated poro deck the fabled poro (the poro smith) can also randomly generate an elusive keyword.

  25. you don't get the cancel effects/bonuses, do you?

  26. Love that Eunie also outright says "Use your snuffin' words" in one of the Hero quests.

  27. The meme must be remade! The prophecy has come to pass!

  28. Like you can just instantly tell. I am a mostly straight man and his entire personality screams "please top me"

  29. he literally looks like the bottom from the "I don't speak bottom" viral meme

  30. what makes you think he's scamming? I don't even see speakers in this picture...

  31. Yes but Riot doesn't like hidden rules. So you can generate any landmark with the related cards since 2 patches. But you cannot generate scout as a random keyword since the same patch, go figure out..

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