Trent Reznor, 1996

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  1. But did you also buy the obligatory Harley Benton T-shirt, leather jacket, shot glasses, trailer hitch, and tramp stamp?

  2. Geordie Greep from Black Midi also uses one sometimes

  3. I think they're referencing something from BBC's Sherlock (the one with Cumberbatch) where he deduces someone must be an alcoholic because his charging port was damaged, the reasoning being that the guy must have tried to plug his phone in while drunk or something like that. (I've never actually watched it.) People clowned on that scene relentlessly because tons of people's phones have damaged charging ports without alcoholism being involved.

  4. It's the worst when the reason why you're explaining is so that you can also explain how you'll avoid doing it again, like "X happened because I did Y, so in the future I'll try not to do Y in this scenario." Like in my opinion, understanding why something happened is often key to avoiding it in the future.

  5. I think the right sticker in the right spot can even make a guitar look better. I personally don't like the way things look when they're sticker bombed guitar or otherwise, but to each they're own and I'll never give someone a hard time because they made something their own. The whole idea of keeping something pristine so it holds value to sell later on comes off alot like "I don't have sex with my wife so she's still tight for the next guy" imo. Everything I buy I'm going to hang onto as long as possible and it's going to get used, abused and customized in the process.

  6. The difference between what you think and what I think is simply I DONT THINK ADHD is real, your dad can be a forgetful asshole who drinks and still not have a condition. Just like you can manage what you see in your dad without thinking you have a definable condition, all ADHD is; is say saying you have it, I have ADHD now what?

  7. If you think Ritalin is an opioid you're making it pretty hard for people to believe anything whatsoever you have to say on the subject.

  8. His facial features look like Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones and as far as I know he doesn't have Marfan Syndrome.

  9. I suspect he wouldn’t do as well in the modern era with everything televised. Before television, certain superficial characteristics would not be as widely known, (or at least not witnessed by the entire public) which would influence the way people vote.

  10. He's literally got the alt-right (((parentheses))) around his name, so I'm guessing he hates Jews, too.

  11. To give him the benefit of the doubt, a lot of the time when I see people using the parentheses around their own display names, they're often Jewish people reclaiming them, or allies standing in solidarity with them. Scrolling through his timeline, he's retweeted stuff denouncing antisemitism, so that might be the case here.

  12. Trent Reznor is the guy in the picture. He's best known for his industrial music project Nine Inch Nails.

  13. They tried their hardest with JK Rowling, and I’m glad they didn’t succeed. True Gryffindor spirit.

  14. Let me know if you find a 70’s rock start who wasn’t into underaged girls.

  15. For what it's worth, I've never heard anything sleazy about the guys from Rush. From what I've heard they were less into partying with groupies and more into stuff like smoking a joint, reading sci-fi novels, and watching the Toronto Blue Jays game.

  16. Algerian is everywhere because it's the coolest font that you can get in Microsoft Word without scrolling down.

  17. In this particular case, they probably used it because the capital A looks kind of like the Masonic square and compasses.

  18. Pick up guitar, learn some power chords, write some punk songs.

  19. This is how my buddy's grows too and he's french and into art so it's funnier

  20. No offense but your top 5 artists are the most stereotypical "I play guitar" choices possible

  21. Music is my go to. Find a video of a tasty live jam and sit mesmerized.

  22. Seconding this! If you have a pen/pencil and some paper, drawing while listening to an album is also pretty fun when you're high, or at least it is for me.

  23. Look I don’t know much about Velvet Underground but I do know all the songs are about heroin except for the song literally titled heroin which is about something else.

  24. Not all of their songs are about heroin, some of them are about amphetamines instead.

  25. By that logic the Who would be a christian rock band.

  26. I don't think OP is Michael Putland but I could be wrong

  27. Have you tried spiced up popcorn? Was game changer for me.

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