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  1. Issa Dee used to be a real piece of shit. Braided up hair, tight red dress, lived for Coachella on drugs.

  2. And do lots of research on how to introduce them so the oldest cat feels comfortable

  3. He'd fit in real nice in the Jim Davis house.

  4. he USED to be a piece of shit (but he isn’t anymore)

  5. They go to your sisters to see her kids, they should take your little girl with them to see her cousins, that makes no sense, I wish they were way more helpful to you.

  6. I just finished 4 hours of hyper focusing on repainting walls I’ve already painted because I think they are scuffed - I have about 8000 other things to do that are actually important - but I do this instead on a regular basis

  7. Really good to know because I was thinking of starting weed to avoid alcohol 😂 what do you notice is better since no weed? Now I don’t want to

  8. Okay awesome thank you so much for sharing, probably just prevented my next addiction, thank you

  9. You're doing great 👊 I'm at 15 days and really starting to see positive changes. Stick with it x

  10. Thank you that’s really helpful, awesome job

  11. I'm surprised Taffy Lee Fubbins didn't make it on your list... I might now have to kill myself on live TV

  12. If it were a girl that would have made the list. Don’t kill yourself and don’t even do the oral!

  13. Definitely NOT troll boy. You get that right? You get why it can't be troll boy?

  14. If you don’t have triples of the kitten then the other stuff isn’t true.

  15. The shirt was exactly my style Lauren. You wouldn’t understand

  16. Lawrence Raab is Professor of English at Williams College, where he has taught since 1976. He is the author of four previous collections of poems, most recently What We Don’t Know About Each Other (1993), winner of the National Poetry Series and finalist for the National Book Award.

  17. What do you think the message behind this one is

  18. Those little umm Mack-rons people love those

  19. I too need a site like this I’m a piece of shit tho

  20. What is with the Walgreens pharmacist?! Little bit of a backstory. I got misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder years ago, but at the time I really needed the meds. I went to the Walgreens pharmacy and tried to get the meds and had my prescription card and my GoodRx code and the chick behind the counter wouldn't take it. I was livid and I let her know it.

  21. That’s atrocious. I too will never go back to any Walgreens. That wasn’t even the only episode I had with him, that was just the last one. The one time picking up my adderall he asked me “oh you gotta study hard tonight?” - literally implying I was abusing the drug in front of other customers and staff. I was 27 at the time and absolutely left in tears, prob cried for a week thinking about it and feeling like I didn’t need my meds I was a junkie or something.

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