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  1. Its actually not hard to get a girlfriend or boyfriend, just care about them and make sure they care about you

  2. Its my fault this question happened. I'm a papaya and going to stuff sam.

  3. Same. My heart wouldn't last long.

  4. I need to go watch The Little Mermaid now.

  5. Yeah I think your cat needs reassembled. What a cutie though!

  6. "You're only trans because it's trendy" dear lawd those people have no idea, and they're part of why it's so hard to be trans.

  7. Cat nails don’t overgrow on healthy young cats. They’re not like dogs where their nails can overgrow to the point they curl inwards. I cut my dogs nails ever 2 weeks, which is necessary maintenance.

  8. I clip my cat's claws regularly, because their normal length is too long for me. My skin breaks super easy, so keeping their claws extra short is necessary so I don't get cut from them simply being happy.

  9. I've also heard that spending too much time with girls will make you more feminine, so there's really no winning.

  10. I mean it's been confirmed Many a time that straight sex is gay. Idk what you expect mate.

  11. Same here, grew up poor and my dad would say "We can't afford cable so we pirate it and if we really like it we'll buy the seasons on DVD"

  12. I have your dad's mentality on things.

  13. Don't even start on right-wingers who think you're not mature enough to make that decision at 19, but apparently think pre-teen rape victims are mature enough to birth and raise a child.

  14. Or worse, they're not 'mature enough' to get an abortion. Then how TF do you expect them to raise a kid?!

  15. I mean I recommend this one regardless, but it fits here: Astarotte no Omocha.

  16. "Okay but where are your parents from?"

  17. Lawd I'm not even a minority and I get this shit over my 'accent'. (I have foreign accent syndrome that is exaggerated when I'm nervous.) People simply don't believe I'm just a white ho with white ho ancestors.

  18. It's ultimately up to you, but if multiple non-family members are telling you this, they may be right. I've heard mostly good stories so far, but always do your own research first. When I'm finally able to afford to move where I want to I'll be going into supported living, as I don't believe I can live alone without being near my parents.

  19. I uhh...I'm guilty of this...pretty frequently...

  20. If by "pretty frequently" you mean on "a nearly daily basis for like a decade" then same. Then of course when I would have my one meal at the end of the day I'm suddenly ravenous and overeat and get fat anyway.

  21. I was gonna say maybe not a decade, and then I remembered how old I am...yeah, about a decade. I still eat one meal a day, but try to snack on small things throughout the day too. It's hard to remember to, but I'm trying. I really don't need more than one meal though, since I'm inactive.

  22. This is exactly how I describe it. and it's sad because I remember I used to enjoy these same things.

  23. I guess that's a win for amnesia...I don't remember enjoying them.

  24. I see no difference in this either, even after looking in the comments at the answer.

  25. I'm an extrovert which do I thrive in social situations yes do I understand them absolutely not

  26. I'm an extravert too but can't stand large groups. I love talking to everyone and letting new people, but only if it's one or two of them at a time. I like to always be talking to someone though.

  27. "oh, but you don't look/act like it!" as if it's that easy to tell. i hate when people say that

  28. Can say I've never gotten this one. But I'm also basically always stimming so...

  29. What if it's not something I immediately pick up? My most recent one is 'awoo' but I haven't heard it from anyone else in a while. The one before it, and the longest lasting one, was simply 'rooooar'.

  30. That's what I see looking it up which is why I'm asking here lol. I thought it used to be called crutch words, but if you search autism crutch words now everything is about people using autism as a crutch. Pretty sad tbh.

  31. I still don't know how others view me. I'm curious about it, but out of pure curiosity, not any sort of desire to not be seen as weird. I just like learning how different people think.

  32. Except for during a manic episode, I sleep a minimum of 12 hours, and up to 20 is quite normal.

  33. I have one that sleeps by my feet. The other sleeps on the hope chest at the end of the bed because he gets frustrated with how much I move around.

  34. Oh my goodness! I love that! Can you send me a link to it??

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