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  1. The Trumplette- I mean, BJ Penn- supporters crying about recounts… wHo CoULd HaVe SeEn ThIs CoMiNg?

  2. I’ve never understood (and never tried so would be happy to correct myself once I have) the yam dish Americans have at thanksgiving. Sweet potato and marshmallows? You fucking what when?!

  3. There is an amazing website called where you can input different materials and it gives you a bunch of good adhesive options

  4. Tape. Painters tape tight to the ball, double stick tape or something on top of that, then some scrap wood or something you can pull on

  5. This looks more like Kailua Beach. Lanikai has a hill behind it, parallel to the beach, which tucks in Lanikai.

  6. Nope- it’s lanikai from the bellows end, up by the wailea rock shrine

  7. This is why I carry around little packets of powdered kool-aid… I slide one under the windshield wiper so they don’t run out.

  8. How in the name of god could a 1/3 mile stretch of 2-lane back road cost $30 million to revamp??

  9. “Unimproved sidewalk” is a thing I learned about to the tune of a $50 parking ticket

  10. My all-time fave is {{Just Kids}} by Patti Smith but I recently read {{Chasing me to my grave}} by Winfred Rembert and it was super good.

  11. Hawai’i drivers, mostly: “hmm- I gotta take one left turn on Queen street… I better get in the left lane as I get on the Pali out of Kailua so I don’t miss it!”

  12. FYI- the edges of the split bamboo after you use one of these are RAZOR sharp… cut my knuckle to the bone right through my leather gloves.

  13. Agreed- I didn’t hurl it across the room in annoyance and disgust, but it was a near thing…

  14. I remember years ago seeing an ad for Australia that prominently featured the mokuluas lol

  15. As a landlord. They destroy properties. Probably 2/10. Ppl let animals do whatever. When a cat pees in a house you have to literally tear out the floors and sub floors to fix it. Big dogs destroy floors and walls with the claws. Security deposits don’t cover it.

  16. And getting rid of flea infestation? Absolute nightmare. It was some time before I could even show the apt. again, much less rent it, costing me so much more than a security deposit could cover

  17. Root beer… I had my dad send me root beer barrels candy when I was living in the UK

  18. My family had both a mango tree and lychee tree in our front yard, fenced. They were not big trees, but produced enough fruit for our family to enjoy. In the dead of night, almost every year, people would drive up in huge trucks and pick our trees clean, so they could sell the fruit. It always made me mad. I do not have warm-hearted feelings about those thieves.

  19. Ya- side of the highway or in the forest is one thing but I see way too many people snaking choke fruit from peoples yards

  20. I'm trying to find the maintenance fee, cuz the condos near the ocean have crazy fees due to corrosion and having to pay for security and staff. It's not this exact building but one nearby has a $750 a month maintenance fee for similar.

  21. This. I’m a landlord who tries not to scalp my tenants and people always forget (or don’t know) how much it costs just to keep a house in working order! You’re also wildly underestimating current utilities cost for four people, lol!

  22. Heh- my dog’s been checking the “pizza bush” down the road for months now!

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