1. The same situation happens to me, paxful frozen my account since 6 months ago, and there is no reason explained, is a total scam.

  2. Do you have a link, where I can do that.

  3. So your friend has deposited 300k into that scam site without any problem? Where you know that friend? Online? Have you seen him before?

  4. He is my brother who stays with me in my city. And yes it always worked fine

  5. Yes many times. Also had withdrawn 80k 2 days before this freeze

  6. Hey I use DU and I get 1 gb per day for 28 days and I pay 50DHS.

  7. Oh wow. Which plan prepaid ? I need exactly the same plan.

  8. I loathe telecom companies here. Every plan is a ripoff.

  9. I run a telecom company in India and I can tel you, you are 100001% true here.

  10. Terminate old ejari and create new one from Dubai REST app.

  11. Ok! So the landlord should not have any problem allowing this, right ?

  12. Did you buy it online or through a physical store, in either case I believe you can always just return it ryt

  13. Bought it in India in 2020 and its the best unique monitor ever made by LG.

  14. Also you could like try your luck with all those shops in the mobile roundabout near Mega Mall

  15. How has been the experience so far with this monitor LG 43UN700-B ?

  16. True, plus with the number of new projects coming up, your 5 - 7 year old property will suddenly start getting referred by agents as an ‘old building’ because they need to sell something else getting constructed right now… and that alone automatically brings the apartment value down. Where i come from, no one would call a building old unless its 25 - 30 years old.. and it will still hold good value. With so so may options coming up renting is the best no-strings-attached option.

  17. Dude I watched few of your videos, wasn’t expecting you to see here.

  18. 😁😁😁😁 cheers man! I’m everywhere

  19. Also they call it season :) So have to spend more now

  20. What price ? I called bur Dubai stores and they said 2000- 3000 aed extra premium price

  21. I booked it for 165aed and now I see it’s the same one. Canceled it and now waiting for the Dec 16 release

  22. How is that pomodoro running ? Which tool ?

  23. If the residency visa is closed - just email them to close it and maybe visit sign - not sure if that’s required for savings account.

  24. Iceland means pack a drone - pack a telephoto and pack a wide angle - that’s all :)

  25. Is it personal account ? Or business ?

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