Slasher villains at a county fair

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  1. I remember reading in a museum somewhere, that even fellow dutchmen in his time found him to be an ass.

  2. Yeah. He once caught the teenage daughter of a colleague that was under his care in bed with her boyfriend. He had the boy beheaded and the girl whipped naked in the public square.

  3. Naast dat het echt een kutstreek is naar die bezorger is het ook echt te dom voor woorden om de bezorger te beroven die het eten komt brengen dat je zelf besteld hebt.

  4. No problem at all. If they will be turning 12 that has to be secondary school. So that would be most likely at the European School Den Haag in Benoordenhout, that can maybe serve as a starting point in house hunting.

  5. Normally, kids turn 12 in their final year of primary school, so they would be a little young for secondary school. The cutoff point is usually September, although there are some kids born in October that join the older grade if they are particularly precocious.

  6. That’s not normal. The typical age of 6th graders (Year 7 in the UK) is 11-12. I finished 5th grade at age 11, and also happen to have a birthday in October, so if you’re 11 years old going into the new academic year of 2022-2023, you would go to 6th grade which is middle school and the the first year of secondary education.

  7. Oh yeah I’m talking about the Dutch system. I guess it depends on which school they go to. Does the European school follow the British system?

  8. I read the summery. You had my curiosity, but NOW you have my attention.

  9. I Just read the tags. Are we going to talk about “Mayonnaise Dimitri” lmao

  10. Why can’t all public jokes/pranks posted online be this harmless and lovely? Everyone had a great time and some good laughs, and probably made the day of more than a few people at the fair.

  11. Everyone except that one little girl lol

  12. The sea was like “oh you’re trying to knock down a tree? Let me show you how it’s done.”

  13. Very happy with my (second hand) Cannondale with Bosch motor

  14. Bro went from Adonis to the Hulk

  15. A+ casting. I loved JCB in Mortal Instruments : City of Bones. BEST JACE EVER! And he was also a part of the Volturi in Twilight if I’m not wrong (Caius). He also played Gellert Grindelwald in Harry Potter. So iconic-

  16. I click a bit with my brake handles like i'm a lazy grasshopper on a bike. Works pretty great.

  17. This makes me wish Flayn & Rhea had at least ONE scene of dialogue were they refer to each other as aunt & niece, Rhea is probably the closest thing Flayn as a mother figure so a support conversation between the two would have been great. I’d take a Seteth & Rhea convo where they treat each other as siblings too. It’s my headcanon that Seteth acted with Rhea the same way he acts with Flayn now a long time ago. (I think Seteth is the older brother but I’ve seen people say Rhea was older so I could be mistaken)

  18. I always thought Rhea was much older because she was a direct child of Sothis whereas Seteth etc were Nabataeans of several generations later. Were they actually siblings?

  19. Seteth’s face is hilarious he’s like stay cool pretend nothing is happening

  20. Can you link me to somewhere where I can read more about that? I’ve not heard about the regulation of heme vs non heme before- only absorption

  21. Regardless of the investments Edmund made, almost everything that he owned is owned by Anthony, who gives his younger brothers allowances from the family fortune. That's how it worked in regency England. Most of the property was entailed, and younger sons lived on allowances settled by their father and/or brother.

  22. We learn in Benedict’s book that he owns “My Cottage” though, so he has at least some property

  23. Out-of-house Lysithea depends on whether you also recruit Lorenz, so you can get Thyrsus

  24. Can confirm. Am Dutch. Currently in bed.

  25. Was moving on from a job and on my second last day my manager says "Take tomorrow off no one will miss you"

  26. This reminds me of my 5th grade teacher who handed out our report cards by giving a ‘hint’ about each person and we had to guess when she meant us and come forward to collect it.

  27. I know!! And I was such a teacher’s pet too so I felt so betrayed. I really thought we had something

  28. The Lion King deleted scene Simba didn’t want you to see

  29. Hippos, meese, and giraffes are 3 herbivores that I would never want to cross.

  30. Don’t forget Rhinos and gorillas

  31. I'm a huge Drag Race and Bridgerton fan. I'm so happy to see two of my fave shows in one meme. 🥺❤️

  32. The crossover we didn’t know we needed

  33. I want Snoop Dogg to narrate this

  34. If it makes you feel any better, when I first got a job with paid vacation my dumb arse thought it meant they paid for your vacation. I still haven't lived that one down.

  35. I live in the Netherlands and that’s actually a thing here. We get paid time off obviously but every May we also get an extra paycheck meant to go on holiday with

  36. Somebody said non-Ru seasons aren’t eligible??

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