1. As the owner of a small dog who looks like a little fox, and who lives in an urban area where people buy Staffies to look tough, my experiences with them have only been negative.

  2. I have a German Spitz and I got so much backlash from friends/family when I told them what breed I was getting. There’s a lot of prejudice against small dogs where I’m from. Of course now, they’re in love with my dog and I’ve actually converted many people to the breed. Btw, I wanted a sheltie but they are very rare in my country. Beautiful dogs and not so dissimilar from German Spitz in size/ temperament/ intelligence I think!

  3. I just got my period today after 14 months! Best feeling ever. Congratulations

  4. Have you heard him speak? I got it after I heard his voice. Not hot at all to me anymore.

  5. I’ve never heard of anyone having the side effects I had:

  6. Wow that’s crazy that you know so many people with adverse effects. I literally know zero (apart from women with period issues)

  7. I'm not even counting the women I know who now have fertility / period issues. Or the people with chronic fatigue and new / re-surfaced auto-immune conditions.

  8. Euthanise. You have young kids. I'm sorry to be blunt. A lot of people here are saying rescue but there is an enormous backlog of rescue dogs, even those who are healthy with no problem history (let alone a kill). I can't imagine how your wife is feeling; my heart goes to her.

  9. This is exactly what I experience. Can you touch your toes easily?

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