1. Do it!! I have a coworker that met her husband because they got into a minor car accident! They’ve been married several years now and have a couple kids now too!

  2. I don’t necessarily hate wearing them. What I don’t like about it is the inconvenience when you go out and need to take them out and stuff.

  3. One advice that I got for cover letters is to read the job description/ mission statement. From that job description, use key words they use and put it in your first paragraph.

  4. Going through this process too! It’s a roller coaster of emotions!

  5. Early teens? My dad taught me. Later, in my 20s I got on a kick of learning more tie knots and YouTube was helpful. Alex Krasny has a good YouTube channel and he mirrors his videos usually so watching the screen is like looking in a mirror. The Eldredge knot is my favorite to wear. If you are a tall guy, look into the Pratt knot it's super easy and uses very little tie material.

  6. I'm 35 and I've never learned how 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Yeah we're looking into that. He was denied for social security disability and now we just don't have the energy to go through the legal battle of filing an appeal, plus the legal fees would drain most of the payment anyways. It's exhausting. And his medication is $1600/month with a discount card.

  8. You should see if his medication is on that website/store Mark Cuban made. Hope it all works out for you.

  9. I think it’s a red flag that for the first meeting she’s getting drunk.

  10. The real answer right here. Not to mention most men don't actually clean their ass properly after a terd.

  11. She would probably just dash out.

  12. If you already have experience in your field, then I wouldn’t take it.

  13. Yes and no. Just got my masters, but I feel like my dating life is hopeless lol 😐

  14. How does Fuddruckers compare? We had one in Maine once, but it went out of business. One of the best burgers I ever had at a restaurant, though.

  15. Fuddruckers is leaps ahead of five guys. I’m sad it went out of business

  16. I'm pretty sure they're not out of business. Maybe your local franchise failed?

  17. My question is why are you showering at his place on the SECOND date???

  18. I use a philips/norelco groomer thing. Has 2 different comb attachments so usually use the size 3 for pubic hair and no attachment for balls. Works great. Philips/Norelco has been making them way before weedwacker/mangroomer was even invented plus not as expensive.

  19. Physical attraction is what reels me in but personality is what has me stay

  20. Wear a ten gallon hat to establish dominance

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