1. Starting REG now as well. How is this going for you? Are you going through the chapters in final review and finding them in big book and listening to that specific chapter in the big book?

  2. This happened to me this past winter. My exam was cancelled due to a blizzard and my only option was to reschedule. There was no rescheduling fee because Prometric had been the one to cancel.

  3. When did they get back to you? How soon could you reschedule the exam ?

  4. How much volume do you buy? Do you buy from a manufacturer or distributor ?

  5. Honestly, just watch YouTube videos - there are a ton. This is what I did.

  6. Yes, you would be entitled to the compensation for the full length of ticket and the full delay you would’ve incurred had you traveled, since LH is an EU airline.

  7. What about for American Airlines domestic flights ? Something similar to this happened to me

  8. Gl friend I’m also in a similar situation.

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