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  1. Same I got in for public admin coop + french immersion :)

  2. omg girl CONGRATSSSS!!!!! i rmbr youre the one that told me about public admin so i researched it and im considering applying. just a bit conflicted bc ottawa is far haha. but anyways, can i ask what your average is? just want a slight idea :)

  3. i disagree, it's great that we're having exams this year. in university, we will be loaded with exams, some that can be weighted 60%+ of your mark. we got kind of screwed over because of covid, but not as much as 04s... the last time they wrote exams (before uni) was grade 10. they essentially got 0 preparation for exams in uni. i know exams can suck, and i dislike them too, but it's nice to finally have some university preparation. we've already missed out on so much!

  4. A mix of both! I personally went off to work for the federal government but through networking and connections, working in embassies in the city, think tanks, and international organizations are very much a possibility as well.

  5. can i ask what you work as? a job in the federal government sounds amazing! also, are you fluent in french?

  6. Yea I heard abt those unis as well. I also heard Ottawa and Queens sent out offers. I didn’t apply to TMU or Laurier so was wondering if anyone else sent out offers

  7. just curious, what programs did queens send out offers for?

  8. I put it as my 20th choice on OUAC. Being honest, i just applied to every cs program I thought i had a chance in.

  9. TWENTY? my daysss i feel bad for your bank account 😭

  10. dont worry bff, it wont affect your chances. i understand how you feel, because everyone used to make a big deal about early acceptance in grade 11, but dont let it stress you out. early acceptance is nice, but its not actually an acceptance, its just a conditional offer. plus, most competitive programs dont do early acceptance at all, so its okay! :)

  11. Same! I don't know what I would do without this sub.

  12. I was recommended to this sub after a post I made and reading thru it has made me feel the same way. It's nice to not feel alone anymore.

  13. same! felt very alone until i realized there's people like me on this sub

  14. maybe compress the pdf, the file size could be too large

  15. imo it's not a bird course at all... it's more like a second english class. yes, it's considered an elective but there's a substantial amount of writing in it. don't take it if you dislike english. not sure about other schools, but people at my school are genuinely flunking this "easy" course... you have been warned!

  16. uottawa was the best when I applied. They offered $4k. Queens gave me 3k, UBC and McGill gave me 2k

  17. are these all entrance scholarships or did you have to apply for them?

  18. All were entrance scholarships. I had a 97av in grade 12, applied for early admissions, and also applied for arts to all the schools I was accepted to.

  19. wow, that’s amazing! thank you so much for answering :)

  20. def NTA. entitlement is a disease. and kids aren’t the only ones with too much. adults are perfectly capable of understanding “this is for later, don’t have it now”. mans could’ve gone out and (wow! imagine this) maybe treated the two girls to mcdonald’s or something in lieu so everyone would be happy. but dude decided “i no get what i want? i shit talk these two girls to their mom” and walked out like a child. nobody is denying anyone anything which is what makes his reaction so ridiculous. he could’ve asked for clarification (being the adult in this situation, shouldn’t his communication skills be a little better???) if he didn’t understand why he couldn’t have the ribs. he should’ve asked if there was anything else to make if he realized he couldn’t have the ribs. he should’ve literally just respected that it wasn’t meant for him and he was being entitled by expecting the food in the fridge to be fair game. from what it sounds like, bro doesn’t live there either. go to your own house, make your own food. buy your own ribs if you’re hungry. it’s wild to me that people are even considering calling op the AH when they’re a CHILD and this is a grown man’s behaviour we’re discussing.

  21. NAH. Sarah is a teenager and, really, all she did was ask for payment for babysitting. Socially flawless? No, but again, teenager. You were upset and worried and just didn't answer then went about your business. It may have been awkward, or something you didn't like, but imo no one is an AH here.

  22. im 17 and trust me we do not lack as much social awareness as sarah does

  23. can't exactly envision that haha, i've spent my entire life in the gta, so i'm very used to diverse environments

  24. very true, have travelled outside of the gta and noticed that the farther out i went, the less people i saw that looked like me

  25. would definitely reccomend OVS! u can take ur time w the course and can do the tests whenever you want. you have around 4 unit tests and are given 4 hours each for one. there is also a final exam worth 30% at the end that is proctored, just try to acc learn something tho

  26. 4 hours.... that's not fair at all. at school we get 70 minutes :/

  27. gr 11 was unnecessarily hard for no reason. in functions, i had a flat 60 at midterms and i ended up finishing with a low 70. not too proud of this mark, but if it makes you feel better, adv functions makes way more sense.

  28. Thank you for this, COVID seriously came at a perfect time, I’m generally confused though like I feel as I UNDERSTAND it all, I do practice examples with ease and all that. I’m going to get a tutor and see if it helps honesty just need to grind like hell like you said, just so confused how I feel as I understand and feel as I did good on a test until I see the result, only god knows that one

  29. Apparently, the government won’t give anymore so CUPE is going to allow their members to vote if they strike or not. Most likely there will be another strike in the future.

  30. moved here in september and im struggling so much with isolation. it is so white and there are no arabs

  31. i tried saying queens was too white and got downvoted into oblivion lol

  32. by FAR!!! youre basically paying for a good mark. yes, you still have to put some work in, but will you have to work as hard as public school? NOPE!

  33. 3u physics was horrific bff. i had a good teacher so it was bearable but its safe to say that i will never pursue anything physics related ever again...

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