1. I built this exact model car, painted the car jet black with white racing stripes decals. this particular model has a defect when assembling. the headlights that are attached to the front grill will not fit properly. the grill leans to far back when the headlights sit in the light housing on the body making it nearly impossible to fit the front bumper onto the model.

  2. Of course that's the one item that I didn't test fit due to rushing and just wanting to get it built and over with lol. I'll adress it during final assembly and thanks for posting the issue, I appreciate that.

  3. No mention of the interesting license plate choice on the decal sheet? Combine with the Revell 68 Chevelle for a great build.

  4. Oh, when I first saw it on the box before I bought it I thought it was hilarious, then I opened the box and saw the same plate on the decal sheet thinking, no way lol

  5. I thought it would be cool, to have all 3.

  6. Wow fooled me!! The wipers look to be bmf. All of the trim was done by hand?

  7. Oh wow, reminds me of when I do the import builds lol

  8. All dressed out with trim etc that will be killer. Nice choice instead of usual black silver or red you always see. We have the option to do whatever we want and you exercised that authority beautifully with that colour choice. Keep up the good work.

  9. A unique color was exactly what I was going for with this one. I had never seen one in this color before yesterday. The last two that I've built were red and yellow so I definitely had to do something I thought was unique

  10. That looks to be a prepping issue and a tape issue. That tape looks to be incompatible in terms of modeling and thorough prep would have aided adhesion as to not pull the clear and decal. If you did not prep before clear that is also the issue.

  11. Paint the entire grill black if you are using acrylics or enamels. Let it completely dry, then take a tightly wound cotton swab with a touch of the thinner compatible for whatever paint you used and lightly rub the areas that you want the chrome to show and that will expose it

  12. Outstanding!! Love the livery!!

  13. Tamiya's beautiful Cosy!! I still have no idea why this kit hasn't been re released. Such a beautiful livery and iconic car. Outstanding work here!! I still have every Cosworth kit that tamiya did sealed and I've just never been able to bring myself to build them due to rarity. I truly feel they will never be produced ever again

  14. Wow!! I love it!! Excellent work all around. Definitely gives me those 70s street freak vibes

  15. Very different build from you brother. It turned out great! I love a nice set of steelies too lol. Nice build 👍🏼

  16. Thanks Sith! Yeah I rarely do drag builds, maybe one a year.

  17. This is great! Love the different rims on front and back. I have seen this kit a few times I might have to pick it up.

  18. Thanks dave!! Tasca did his cars with two different combos wheel wise but this is my favorite

  19. Pre ordered it as soon as I got the email!!

  20. Beautiful and clean as always my friend.

  21. Thanks!! I just finished it late last night and the pics are up

  22. Old Revell 68 Stang from 2008

  23. Gorgeous build!! Now I want this kit, but I've already built one in 1/24 and I still haven't forgotten how much work goes into a 57 bel air in general lol

  24. I mean....when you have no life you may as well nap. What else is there to do? Lol

  25. Outstanding job for what you had to work with!!! It looks great!

  26. Did you hand paint the trim? A black sharpie works well for that.

  27. Black sharpies are a horrible idea for modeling, but to each their own. It shows up streaky most times, isn't opaque, removes itself if you try to apply more to make it opaque, and it doesn't show as a true black. It shows as a dark purple or blue, especially over top of lighter colors. For a true black you need actual paint and it's readily available in enamel and acrylic form as a pen

  28. The old AMT SHO!!! I built that kit as a teenager and it was good back then. I painted in one of those old Testors Boyd's purples that was out at the time, white interior and threw some Hoppin Hydros wire wheels with wide white walls on it. Nice job on a very underrated and overlooked kit Pharm!! Thanks for the memory!

  29. I've always painted on the sprue. It's just so much easier to keep track of where you are and where the pieces are. LOL. My brother showed me how to use a coat hanger back in the 70s. I've done it that way ever since. I figure if it ain't broke don't fix it. Some day I'll get one of those fancy stands for a present or something, but every time I look at them I get something else instead.

  30. Yeah the Tamiya paint stand set is a game changer for sure and an absolute must have.

  31. Outstanding work Mark!! I paint the same way, right on the sprue and then touch it up later lol. Things go so much faster that way. The old skool metal hanger stand brings me back to the times when the Tamiya stands weren't out yet

  32. Ahhhhh Goodsmile!! Those Itasha anime kits are very rare. I have tried to collect them all but I believe there are way more in existence than the few that I have

  33. People pay way more than that for commissioned builds. If the builder puts out high quality builds and can do exactly what the buyer is looking for, along with being the exact make and model that they want people will buy it. I typically get paid as much as $200 for one of my builds depending on the amount of detail and the type of paint work asked for, and that's a factory stock build in matching factory colors. Custom builds I charge allot more for. You mentioned die cast, but the issue with them is it may not be sold in the color that the person wants, lacking in detail, incorrect wheels or tires, one piece molded interior, one piece molded engine and that's if it even has one, on top of that the particular vehicle may not even exist in die cast form. With a kit build you also get a unique piece made by one individual with unique touches and features instead of something that's mass produced and the new owner would take more pride in it being that it was made specifically for them. It's like they say, built not bought.

  34. I had two of these as a kid. One for TMNT figs and vehicles, and another for my cars and other figs. in the early 2000's I gave them to my two boys who are both in their 20's now and out on their own, They are now back in my possession serving the same purpose all over again that they did when I was kid.

  35. I only use Tamiya acrylics and to me there are almost no odors. Definitely vent. I made my booth out of 1/4 inch thick plastic board and bought 2 -4" inline fans and a filter off Amazon. Works great!

  36. Same here. I actually like the way tamiya smells lol

  37. I use a plastic shopping bag if I dont have gloves

  38. Those generate static and more paint ends up sticking to that than to what you are actually painting

  39. On tonight's episode of Unsolved Mysteries........

  40. LOL thanks man!! I just picked one up for $13 shipped so at least the cheap price makes me feel good going in. I remember paying 6.99 for it originally with my lawn cutting money. I painted the body completely by hand using square bottle black gloss Testors thinned out and those craptastic white plastic Testors brushes. I was so proud of that thing.

  41. lol I used to buy kits with paper delivery money.

  42. Hey, it was whatever it took to support the addiction. I did lawns, washed cars, and shoveled snow. Couldn't get a paper route because the houses were to far apart in the middle of almost nowhere lol

  43. The only thing that I can say as a word of caution is to not get to close with them being that a good bit comes out at once. You don't have that problem being that it looks like your control is spot on. The single complaint that I have about the cans is the width of the spray pattern, although it is excellent it is a little to wide which leads to wasted paint that gets sprayed past the body instead of onto it. The only remedy to that is decanting and spraying it via airbrush and is one of the many reasons why I switched solely to airbrush many years ago. You'll see once you make the leap if you ever decide to do so.

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