1. True test now is walking it back and seeing how it hits. If your shooting fixed blade look up broad head tuning. The paper tune is just a starting point. After you walk back or broad head tune, dont shoot it through paper again. I will tell you my bow has this exact tear (maybe a little worse) yet its tuned to hit behind the pin from 10 yards to 100 yards.

  2. I shot at 20yds today and everything hit right as expected. I think I’ll try to get the whole bow tuned

  3. CT is the best bang for your buck trail. It offers everything you’d want in a thru without having to spend 5+ months on trail. Not to mention you’ve never been there so all the more reason

  4. My friend did the OCT and said it kinda sucked. A lot of road walking and not much time in the wilderness

  5. This will either work out very well or very poorly for CJ. Too much of a gamble in a game as dangerous as football. Not to mention he’s only 25. He could’ve signed a second big contract and still be in his twenties

  6. My favorite was flying into Jacksonville and the flight attendant saying “Welcome to Jacksonville” over the speaker. The audible groan from everyone onboard was hilarious

  7. My phone is always on vibrate/silent so I have no clue what everyone is talking about in here

  8. What? A one year deal over a multi year deal? How much does he think he's worth?

  9. Eh I’d be pretty confident I wouldn’t slip there. If there were no steps then I’d definitely have it in hand

  10. Arizona Trail + Pacific Northwest Trail + Colorado Trail

  11. Oh sick! I always forget the PNT though I feel like I avoid things like the CDT, PNT because of my fear of grizzlies

  12. That’s just fear mongering. I’ve done them both and never had a grizzly encounter

  13. I remember when Tony Dungy said he was the next Aaron Rodgers

  14. Mine does the same thing. I tighten the string all the time and it keeps doing it. I haven’t had clearance issues yet, but it does concern me.

  15. I just tightened it flat and after 15 minutes it went back to what you see in the picture

  16. If it's brand new the material may stretch. Provided you don't notice any contact on your vanes it should be fine. That would annoy me too though.

  17. Yeah it's brand new. I've only fired maybe 10 arrows with it and still need to paper-tune

  18. I know someone who started 6-1 and still finished. It was her first thru as well

  19. What’s your diet like? 3k calories is decent amount, but what matters more is the quality of your meals. A diet of pasta, pop tarts, hoagies etc is gonna make you perform radically different from a clean healthy diet. When I follow my competition diet I have virtually unlimited energy and recover much much quicker.

  20. Since you’re still in just get as much documented as possible. Also stop going to a chiropractor

  21. It's more Lurie/Howie than Sirianni

  22. Haix but I wish they would’ve kept the originals instead of the 2.1s

  23. This is normal. The first week or so I was always homesick. It goes away eventually. Remember, you ain't gone forever and it's not like you're on another continent

  24. Take a look at Josh Allen’s college stats

  25. If I had the capital, that's basically what I'd open. Large gym with three sections: mats, bouldering area, S&C area

  26. Absolute steal if he stays healthy

  27. Do you know exactly what the injury is? Either way do some physical therapy

  28. Not sure it was very odd. I went hiking the other day (Florida trail, very flat, have been on it many times) and did a 14 mile hike with gear in my bag as a workout/day training. Nothing was out of the ordinary, I didn’t carry more than normal. I’ve backpacked before plenty of times & felt great the whole trail. After I stepped out of the car when we got home (40 min drive ish) I couldn’t bare weight on my left leg. I tried massaging it & RICE but day 3 still nothing. Going to an appointment today.

  29. Your body probably just got stiff after heavy activity followed by sitting still. Get checked out and see what they say

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