1. seems sc to me. but uploading pics of her looking sexy as “proof” of her being tr is honestly hilarious.

  2. As someone who also has very little curve (in any sense of the word) to work with, I have to give Blair credit for maximizing her angles, esp. on that GQ mirror shot

  3. Agree that you look phenomenal here! I’m curious if you can put into words what clicked for you? I’m a flamboyant natural and feel like if I veer from either a mini or maxi length, I lose my vertical. But the cropped length of your pants in the second photo make your legs long long and elegant! Help??

  4. So I’ve really tried with figuring out my season palette and I always seem to get cool summer tones, but I don’t know. I’ve always found white, blue, orange, and yellow or basically bright colors that look the best on me, but I’m supposed to be in cool toned pinks, purples, neutrals, etc. But I think the green one is actually more cool toned color and it def works! I do wish the neckline was different, but overall im starting to lean towards that and the one i put in the comments section as a backup. Thanks for your help!

  5. I am not a color expert, but I totally think you’re a warm season, especially given what you said about the colors you find look best on you! The odds I get this wrong are high, especially without knowing you hair and eye color, but I think you might be a deep autumn. From what you’re describing, you naturally gravitate to colors from that season!

  6. As a deep autumn I have to disagree, the green dress would not pop on me the way it does on her. Specially with her hair/eye color, I think she would be more of a bright spring than any of the Autumn ones

  7. I could see that! I’m not an expert by any means, and definitely not going to claim I can type anyone from a picture, let alone one that doesn’t include eyes and hair!

  8. For the past half of a year, nearly not at all. I don't see any possibility of me fitting into another ID (besides a huge figure of DK materializing in the sky, pointing at me and saying in a godlike voice: "You're not a DC!")

  9. So interested by your point about the balance inherent to classics and how that impacts the visual effect of dressing your lines! I’m self-typed as an FN, and part of why I feel as sure as I do about that ID is how off I look if I don’t dress for width or stray into overly yin territory.

  10. One quick way to tell… SD will look great in

  11. This absolutely aligns with my own experience!

  12. Gonna go ahead here and also say TR. In gamine lines (pic 5), too much attention gets drawn to your hip curve in a way that widens you as opposed to showing the gentle sweep of your figure. Gamine also registers as "immature" or even a bit boyish on you where it would be more playful if those were indeed your lines. It's such a subtle difference between SGs and TRs, but when I see a TR in SG or FG lines, it's super obvious to me.

  13. Thank you for writing this out, I wouldn’t have been able to put into words quite why I thought the gamine lines looked off compared to the sg lines.

  14. I agree with the suggestion of R and that the black dress looks 🌶 which makes sense bc doing more to accommodate curve than the other outfits.

  15. I’m definitely not an expert, but my first instinct would be SN! Happy to share more about why that is if you’re interested, and I also have a question for you. I’m curious what mean by SN “style of clothing” because I think there can be stereotypical items of clothing associated with types in ways that become unhelpful. I think I’m a flamboyant natural and don’t really resonate with the ulta boho maxi skirt recommendations that often come up for FNs. When I think of memorably good outfits worn by SN celebs, I could see those really working on you, fwiw!

  16. I requested to join last week and got approved within a few days, much to my surprise, since I’d seen several comments here about long wait times!

  17. I’m at 59 classes as of today, so far from an expert, but fwiw a few instructors at the studio I go to give cues for arm choreography along the lines of “imagine you’re moving your arms through mud” which was kind of a game changer for me! I’ve found that when I pretend the air is offering resistance as I move my arms, it helps me really focus on engaging whichever muscles I’m supposed to be working at the time (triceps, biceps, chest, etc), and keeping them engaged through the whole movement. I’ve seen improvements in terms of how many breaks I need to take during the arms section, my ability to use the 3 lbs weights without compromising my form, and my muscle definition 💪🏻

  18. In case anyone else wants to dive further into the rabbit hole:

  19. I have a Luxe and there’s an option to manually track barre classes that seems to work pretty well, tho I sometimes feel the heart rate data is off?

  20. Ooh, I hadn't really thought about adding color and texture to the bed (so many things to consider!) but now that I am, I'm very into the tapestry style pillow idea. Do you have any advice on sourcing vintage art pieces? I agree that would really suit the space. And major yes to the globe lighting idea (my wife hasn't been thrilled by options in that vein I've showed her thus far but we shall see). Pattern mixing appeals to me so much but I've never really tried it because it intimidates me. Maybe this is the moment!

  21. My favorite places to source vintage art is at thrift/antique stores. Also, looking for nice prints and framing them yourself. I really like heirloomprintshop on Etsy.

  22. Thanks so much for the recs! And yes I’m def planning to share an after pic :) Possible multiple since I’m imagining we’ll tackle this in rounds

  23. Thanks! I definitely agree with the warm tones. Planning to replace the brass just not sure what color, probably black or brown? Maybe that's boring, I'm very bad with decor!

  24. I don't think you need to do anything too statement-making! There's something about that particular finish on metal that I've just never liked, but I could actually see a more

  25. Love the stone! With the art, you could look for something with warm pink and orange tones to pull out some of those colors. Are you planning to keep the brass framing around the fireplace?

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