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  1. You sound like someone who doesn't respect other people's property. Glass houses, stones, and what not.

  2. Only I didn’t damage it. I didn’t ‘disrespect’ it in any way. It’s a product up for sale, not someone’s personal piece. You sound like someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  3. If you own a business, your inventory belongs to you. Sorry you can't figure that out.

  4. And you don’t get the concept that a shop owner is trying to make someone else own it at a profit. You don’t get that there’s a difference between property and wares. Nor the tax implications. There a difference.

  5. Trashy behavior can be found in all races. The adoption of rap and gang-culture behavior is the impetus for the disapproving words.

  6. I’d suggest getting on 🅰️rmslist and trading it for something else. Most likely get best return on it that way.

  7. Really? Huh. That’s honestly the first time I’ve ever heard of a store taking returns of guns of any kind, even for in store credit.

  8. This biggest store in my city does this. Originally I assumed it was SOP then realized it was the exception.

  9. I don’t know. But the more I look at it the more I love it. The scale is tipping!

  10. Is it possible to love and hate something all at once? It’s a bit mesmerizing and more than a bit artful.

  11. Old thread, I know, sorry for digging it back up. I came here because I was having the same issue with the top dust cover on my Gen 2 Ace.

  12. Getting fired from work and being convicted over murder is completely different. Im not saying i have shit like that done to my carry pistols, but if i did, i know that im not gonna get charges over it. Its a fudd thing to think that having common cosmetic mods done that youre gonna get charged for murder in a justified SD shooting

  13. He got acquitted specifically because he was a cop. Keep that in mind. Shit like that isn’t a good look. Not on this sub, and not in court. Sure as fuck not on the carry gun you defend yourself with. You want a race gun fine pimp it out. You do you you man. I’ll stick to apparently being a Fudd.

  14. IIRC, the cop got acquitted. So even with the stupid “youre fucked” dust cover it didnt change the outcome

  15. He did still get fired and nationally vilified and later declared bankruptcy as a result. So no big deal I guess. So, run wild with it then. Pleb your shit out my man.

  16. isn't reddit essentially a discussion forum? 'fuck you don't ask questions from people who know better than you and gather online to celebrate their passion' - what's the point in making a shitty comment like this? check out rule number two of the sub.

  17. Admittedly, I saw this in the mid 00s and tried it because I thought it looked cool. Turns out form and function aren’t necessarily parallel.

  18. The game is full of these little disturbing scenes. Another I think is quite funny is at the Concord speakeasy.

  19. It's on the main street of Concord, going toward the museum. In one of the rooms there is a corpse on a bed with a mannequin and a bath tub with a skeleton surrounded with mannequins wearing pumpkins on their heads and plungers and machetes in their hands.

  20. Okay I remember! Yeah seems like I missed some fun once upon a time. 😂

  21. Kalashnikov USA is a bunch of idiots in Florida masquerading as a pseudo-subsidiary of Kalashnikov JSC.

  22. surf ninjas, remo williams the adventure begins, the adventures of buckaroo banzai across the eighth dimension, tremors, big trouble in little china

  23. We have a fellow Fred Ward fan. My personal favorite of his is Miami Heat.

  24. Haha Surf Ninjas! 😂 Big Trouble in Little China is my shit though.

  25. I stopped my daughters "competing" in dance recitals when one of the dances was three little girls in blonde (like 7-8 y/o) wigs dancing around a 7-8 y/o boy dressed like Hefner sitting in a red velvet chair to the theme song of that one "reality" show where he had three girlfriends. Nope! I'll not be a party to sexualizing children.

  26. Wanna talk about a bad argument? Can’t get mad at failing an exam I never took? Well fuck yeah I can be mad about failing it; I didn’t even take the damn thing in your scenario. But to be fair I don’t expect a good argument from someone else who believes in SKY DADDY.

  27. you’re going to get upset over an imaginary fail grade? 🤨 methinks this is not a matter of logic anymore and you have some trauma and anger to work through. good luck with that

  28. Watches cartoons and totes plushies to look younger than she is. Yeah I’m going to go ahead and assume the men aren’t the toxic ones.

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