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I'm in this with you.

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

I got 120/120 on a national math test and that puts me in the top 100 of my country (belgium). One of my proudest moments. Im 13

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  1. Imegine getting attention. Couldnt be me ;.(

  2. Yo what about that one scene in highschool of the dead where this dudes gets knocked over by some girls honkers

  3. as a chinese person. I approve. you get rice

  4. Yes I do! (im not talented enough to mod so it's not mine) Here's a mediafire link along with a tutorial:

  5. dang, you didn't have to be so extra and tyty you're doing gods work.

  6. did you make sure you deleted any versions of toolbox you already had? also make sure you have enough storage

  7. just like when I realized stampy built all of his creations in creative in his lovely world series.

  8. if u want I could teach you a dupe glitch

  9. it is written when using a beta ver marketplace and other function will not work until the nether update is fully realeased

  10. oh. so is there anyway to get the pancape then?

  11. Restart and than try to switch wifi (or cellular data) off and on and than check if it's still the problem

  12. ok thx. edit: I tried but nothing changed :(

  13. This definitely Nicole watterson NOT fucking herself

  14. I have and he looks really close the anime. It's not that bad

  15. ... Check indigo league and sun moon. His face looks to real. Its scary

  16. NTA. I hate them after reading this.

  17. Megalovania intensifies as we prepare to commit hate crimes against step siblings. *

  18. It was just a one time occurance. I hope

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