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ITAP of a moulin on a glacier

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  1. DnD since itll be raining? 🤞

  2. We would have to make some sort of crash proof cages. Because our side walks are fine, our drivers is what the problem is

  3. It had crown rot and it's working on dropping its last leaf. Prognosis doesn't look good.

  4. I pulled it all out of the peat moss and the entire stem is black. It has 3 green roots (maybe an inch each), which is surprising, but I'm worried they wont last long. I threw away all of the old moss, trimmed every root with sterilized scissors, and laid the roots on top of new moss with a spritz of water. I'm not chopping off the flower stems for hope of a keiki, like you suggested. Fingers crossed, but I'm pretty realistic about the situation.

  5. Thank you! I was worried about repotting it in bark for fear of shocking it even further. I trimmed off so many rotted roots already, and they continue to rot. I'm going to give this a try!

  6. I bike at 5am. I go to River Park, Land Park, East Sac, Miller Park and the Mill or on weekends, West Sac. Yesterday I went down Stockton Blvd to Lemon Hill. At that time of the day there are less people and less traffic around. Also the Railyards is an interesting trek and I haven’t encountered anyone dangerous. I smile and wave at the homeless, they are surprised that someone is treating them positively.

  7. I have been homeless in Sacramento before. I restock my neighborhood’s food shelf. I make burritos for the guy who sleeps on the sidewalk in front of my building. I want to be clear that I was referring to the broken glass, needles, folks on drugs, and encampments as things I would like to help my partner (who is new to the area) avoid.

  8. Murderhobo, just make murderhobo an actual class. All your features are about just killing as many npcs as possible as fast as possible, at level 20 you just have an aura that instantly kills any humanoid npc that enters it

  9. Honestly? I would love this. It would be perfect for my fallen Angel that took up working at a devils law firm as a lawyer.

  10. I am currently playing in a homebrew campaign right now where the big bad is called the Bureau of Benevolence. We have to file paperwork for every spell, instance of rage, or feature used. One pc is a private investigator whose license has lapsed. We are currently in a swamp in the middle of nowhere, and a notice to renew his license (or be fined) washed up on shore, sealed in a bottle.

  11. Sometimes I still use an apple. I always ask my parents to buy a few when I visit. Gives the weed a fruity flavor and makes for an excellent and healthy munchie when you’re done (I don’t eat the bowl part, obvi).

  12. So what happened that they looked destroyed? A fire?

  13. As you can tell from some of the other comments, they were historic punk houses (not frat houses). There would be a lot of punk shows and eventually the floor of the middle one gave out in the living room due to people stomping and moshing around. They look beat up because punks lived there, wrecked so much stuff, and the landlord didn’t bother to fix them up. They were crawling with roaches and rats and so much damage from so many wild wild parties. Good times.

  14. Every time I water my (10? 15?) orchids I always make sure to wipe the extra water off of their leaves. Good to know I’m not doing this in vain.

  15. She’s your wife. Go express your feelings to her and make this better

  16. Every other comment is saying how right he is. I think there’s a trend among these kinds of posts to fervently agree with someone who is venting about a possibly relatable situation. We want him to be right.

  17. Whenever my bf finishes in me and I pee immediately after, a lot of the cum will come out while sitting on the toilet. I guess relaxing the muscles just lets it flow out

  18. Yeah this comment was more for the ladies who say they pull up their underwear and go about their day. Even men should pee. Clear that urethra, prevent that uti.

  19. That'd be dope if they are. I'm in Arizona so all my soil is just dry dead clay. I'll take all the life I can get

  20. That’s a beautiful sentiment. You have a regard and respect for living things that is admirable.

  21. There should be so much more robust lightrail and public transit throughout sacramento. But another thing that bothers me as a bike rider is the low visibility around street intersections. There needs to be parking restrictions near intersections 20 feet from every single intersection. This would prevent so many accidents of every kind. I have to pull out half way into any intersection in midtown just to SEE the oncoming traffic.

  22. So I have this friend, uh, let’s call him Johnny, who has planned coups before, but not here though!

  23. Scrolled by quickly, thought this was a Georgia o’keefe painting. Which speaks to the elegant and soft composition you’ve managed to imbue in such a hard subject. (Also mildly vagina)

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