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  1. Almost like the emotional weight of murdering his sick wife is finally catching up to him...

  2. I've been playing since survival was 25 waves and I just got my first one yesterday.

  3. Oh boy I remember the days of 25 survival waves... ๐Ÿ˜ซ

  4. RNG lol. Took me a long time. I got it like right away on one account, on my other one I swear it just was never going to drop. I can run nightmare rivals with you later if you want and we can probably (hopefully) get it to drop for you lol

  5. thank you for the response & rivals offer! I haven't tried playing rivals yet but I'll def reach out when I'm ready to give it a go!

  6. We have daily login rewards from May 11-17.

  7. And everyone earned decent points, showing they were all engaged in the game..

  8. She isnโ€™t necessarily bad but she has some big issues.

  9. Yeah she's heavily dependent on strong addons/perk choices and hoping that you get some clueless survivors.

  10. I am a Sadako main, but theres only so many times I can get body-blocked during hooks or chase before I have to log off for the day. I feel like bc of her size, a lot of survivors feel like she's easy to physically counter if they team up with each other.

  11. TVs spawn near generators, so if RNG puts two gens near each other its possible to get two TVs right next to each other.

  12. Congrats, you lived past the 7 days since first downloading the DLC. Enjoy your new charm!

  13. Remember to turn off the ability for rando's to message you on PSN and have fun ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  14. No, using a cross-hair overlay program will not get you banned.

  15. I don't think mini-moris (like Sadako's stare or Pyramid Head's tormented chop) count for the Devout category

  16. Mori Roulette is fun: Nemesis, Rancor, No way out, and remember me.

  17. Lol as a Quentin/Wake Up main this made me cackle. ๐Ÿ’€

  18. The fact that a game characters animations make you this aggressively angry... oof.

  19. how is he annoying? he smoked your whole team and you only got away because he let you plus survivors t bag all the time

  20. "he smoked your whole team and you only got away because he let you"

  21. well he clearly did let him escape either way I don't see how this is an InSaNe ClUtCh

  22. How did GF "clearly" let OP get away? Explain your logic.

  23. It's the perk "Deception", a survivor can fake hoping in a locker as they run by.

  24. Yeah, we'll most likely get the PTB for it in 3-4 weeks from the Mid-Chapter patch on Tuesday. So the announcement/clues should start dropping in the next week or so.

  25. Does anyone else have cabinets doing a "script call fail" error?

  26. They add but don't multiply. So if you earned a 20k score in game, you would get another 20k from blood hunt, then 20k from a cake for a total of 60k.

  27. my soloq build is usually kindred, wake up, sb, and bt.

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