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  1. I said I was blown away by how concise he managed to be, didn't I? Lmao I do not possess the same talent in the slightest.

  2. why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?

  3. imagine the incessant GOP bleating if biden had a white supremacist holocaust denier over to dinner

  4. Fuck, Obama wore a tan suit once and republicans all over the country went apoplectic. Hell, same thing happened when he asked for Dijon mustard for fucks sake. Rules and standards only exist for their opponents and enemies, never themselves.

  5. don't forget the nonstop criticizing of his teenage daughters for how they dressed and for "looking bored" at a WH thanksgiving function

  6. wish i could go back and experience my first build again. first time booting up and everything works is euphoric

  7. I mean the stat is clearly written in a way to insinuate that American football is boring by ignoring everything that happens pre snap.

  8. it must be exhausting to be so sensitive about someone calling a boring game boring. why care so much what anyone else thinks?

  9. It must be exhausting to see a thread on Reddit about sports and comment 8 times about how you don't like sports. Don't you have anything better to do?

  10. yea, i could go watch people stand around, i mean football action LOL

  11. how fucking scared of the world do you have to be to feel the need to carry an assault rifle to go to starbucks?

  12. Hitler being friends with and inspired by Henry Ford.

  13. and the american "father of public relations" eddie bernays' book Propaganda being basically a playbook for goebbels

  14. yea, let's "find" a babysitter for the weekend right before xmas...

  15. You’d guess wrong… and that’s why you don’t ASSume lol

  16. what was the motivation to come to work while sick with covid then? she must have had some reason to disregard the health and safety of everyone at the workplace.

  17. i remember renting an apt with a roommate in 2015 for $950 per month. by the time we moved out in 2018 it was $1200

  18. can we fast forward to when people aren't talking about this useless douchecanoe 24/7 anymore?

  19. Don’t we like… need this to happen lol I swear I read everyday either people shitting themselves because no one is having babies or shitting themselves because we just hit 8 bil and are headed for a catastrophe due to lack of food and such. Like, which one?

  20. fewer births hurts pretty much every industry's bottom line. you're not just buying more food, but also more gas, more clothes, more medicine-- literally everything you buy for yourself, you're also buying for someone else for 18 years. these days it's longer than 18 years

  21. Afraid to say I was almost folled. But it's super late here and I am tired.

  22. It can be that hot but only with a good dollop of oil for a nice crispy egg

  23. are you saying oil would have prevented burnt bottom/raw top eggs in this case?

  24. I’m not sure yet. Always difficult to tell because the overall looks play an important role. But definitely in the 4 digits range!

  25. obligatory you better update when you get it appraised

  26. It's fun to see America in real time realize how behind they are from everyone. Sorry to burst your bubble thinking you're the best and only free country in the world.

  27. a lot of us are painfully aware of how behind we are from all other 1st world countries in so many ways

  28. Why not just use color and a key? Why label each state? That would have reduced the text and made it more beautiful.

  29. That’s not collectivism that’s capitalism lol

  30. capitalism is an economic system. collectivism is a type of social organization. japan is a collectivist society with a capitalist economy

  31. 23 day old acct, gibberish user name, stolen comments = karma farming bot

  32. Plus it seems like half these "sales" are them only cutting a tiny sale but raising the "original price" above it's actual retail value so it looks like you're getting a deal but you aren't

  33. yay, i can get a $3999 TV for only $3799...sign me up...

  34. i dont' feel like doing the research, but i'm inclined to believe that well-to-do people in renaissance italy probably had access to shitters more sophisticated than a hole in the ground

  35. American labor aristocrats thinks they're better than hardworking asians. Gets slapped by market forces when it turns out they're grossly overpaid for unskilled labor. Asians industrialize and rise into the middle class while entitled american city dies from its own hubris. In 2022 decades after switch to asia little whiteboys still cry about their entitlements.

  36. LOL i am asian. americans and asians should be paid more. executives should be paid less.

  37. Sure you are buddy, it would be more convincing if you didn't put out white nativist talking points.

  38. Those tricks look like really difficult and have a massive skill difference to the first part so I don’t get the comment

  39. we don't really mean to shit on the slinky guy...we're just jealous. of the skill

  40. There's no jealousy here, it's just not impressive, I'd expect to see this at like a middle school talent show or something, but it's just kind of... Meh

  41. LOL i knew i should have put a /s for the "illuminated" folks

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