1. Worth noting his era+ (adjusted for park and league) in his MVP year was his 2nd best year. Run scoring was just a little higher in his tigers days

  2. The market is going to hate this, but that is an incredibly impressive number.

  3. Inflation is the number 1 issue right now. Job growth and especially the good wage growth numbers are only going to exacerbate the problem. This is a signal the fed will again have to do an aggressive rate hike, which increases the chances of a harder recession down the line.

  4. Good pickup. Hopefully clears the way for Carr to MSU

  5. I've lived in several large cities and this is way more affordable. Don't even get me started when people start complaining about the summer traffic. Spend a few years in DC or Mexico City and you will never complain about traffic again.

  6. Ya, even living in Oakland county it's not comparable. Traffic is bad up here for like a 1 mile stretch of road. Traffic elsewhere is bad in like a 30 mile radius lol.

  7. Harwell called games for 55 years (Scully actually went dodgers after Harwell left, he was there for 2 season before Scully). So he's a fair bit behind in years, but more were prior to expansions, so I'd guess he's in the 3% range?

  8. when he announced relative to expansions doesn’t really matter for this stat though

  9. Ya you're right, my bad. Guess it would just be about 4% x 55/67, so 3.3% ish.

  10. Why not just put it under the cover when you leave it parked, and rack or tailgate while driving.

  11. Next season you bring back uperclassman Hoggard/Akins/Brooks/Sissoko with this class, plus Holloman/Kohler will be contributors. Just need one more guy to fill the 4 spot and we're set. Should be a top 10 team and hopefully a contender.

  12. Hopefully Kohler can play 4. The only thing I don't like about the roster is no true 4s. Booker might get stuck in that spot when he'd be better at 5, similar to JJJ. Need a shot blocker in the paint.

  13. It's like 17 years of team control, only 2.2 war per year.

  14. Which is pretty good and means they all hit. Not every prospect even top prospect hits. If one doesn't pan out that's now 3.3 WAR a year both need to put up to hit that number

  15. No, it's a baseline. Some will be worse some better.

  16. Right? 4 top 100 prospects, 2 of which are already in the MLB. That's a good haul

  17. Don't have any info on drop it, but grand traverse social sports runs a coed league at the civic center. Fall session starts in a couple weeks I think.

  18. Super sad but I’m really surprised there aren’t more biking injuries. I live out where there are a bunch of country roads and there’s been plenty of times I’m going 45-50 and I’ll make a turn or something and there will just be a guy on a bike on the side of road going 10-15, it’s super annoying and I know there’s no solution but I hate having to swerve out of the way after pumping the breaks so I wouldn’t hit the guy. Also 95% of people will bike in the street even if there is a sidewalk, I get it’s way better but especially on country roads where the speed limit is anywhere from 45 to 60 it can be super tough and borderline dangerous for me to get around them. Even in neighborhoods bikers tend to come out of nowhere and sometimes take me by surprise. I hope for everyone’s safety but when you’re taking up half the lane and going 1/4 of the speed limit you’re kinda asking for it sometimes

  19. Slow down, wait for opposing traffic to clear, and safely pass them. It will take 1 minute out of your drive....since you're driving country roads, I assume you run into slow moving tractors too? Do you have any issues safely and legally passing them as well?

  20. Wow, nice comp. Looks like weaver had a 3.18 era with the tigers that year too, after a few decent years with some promise. Moral of the story, you never know how trades will pan out.

  21. Houston had plenty of good prospects to choose from. Al chose bad ones. Doing a favor and trading someone is not mutually exclusive with a good return

  22. Perez was a top prospect when we made the trade. Injuries derailed his career. That's just bad luck.

  23. No. If that was the case, JD would be much higher

  24. JV shows 19 WAR which doesn't make sense either way. He has 19.5 with the Astros so far, 4 of that coming on new contracts.

  25. He's still a rookie. Vlad Jr took some Time too

  26. Trout also sucked in his first taste of the big league

  27. He put up 0.7 fWAR in 40 games as a 19 year old. Wouldnt say he sucked, but he hit slightly worse than league average. Tork was another level of suck this year.

  28. In fairness tho, Vlad came up at age 20 and hit better than league average.

  29. Soto doesn't do anything for us long term. We're probably not going to compete in the next two years, and definitely not if we give up skubal/Tork/Greene for him.

  30. Lol. JD was traded on an expiring deal when he was younger and better and got a fringe top 100 guy. Good luck Boston.

  31. Welcome to the Javy Baez Experience. Makes plays in the field that don't seem possible, then swings at pitches that no major leaguer should swing at.

  32. This ain't the Javy Baez experience we signed up for.

  33. His hitting will be fine. And his defense has been a net positive. His BABIP is literally 60 points below his career average. That's not going to continue happening.

  34. His BABIP isn't just bad luck tho. His statcast numbers are way down. He's just producing bad contact, when he actually does make contact.

  35. Offense is hella down this year. Like 40 points of OPS, because MLB fucked with the balls.

  36. It's down 20 points from last year now. HR per game is down to 1.08, which is down from the last 5 years or so, but still higher than historical averages and close to even the steroid era.

  37. "economists assess several metrics to determine whether a recession is imminent or already taking place." nothing changed. Thanks.

  38. Isn't that the definition of a recession?

  39. Is he even borderline first ballot? I struggle to see him not getting in first ballot lol

  40. If Max isn't a first ballot HOF there aren't first ballot HOF pitchers anymore.

  41. Magic J Rich Steve Smith Zach Randolph Kevin Willis

  42. The proposed skyscraper depicted in the blueprints that he distributed (and which were approved by the investors) was clearly labeled as consisting of four floors and 480 inches.

  43. Because there's another guy pitching at a Cy level and hitting at an all star level...

  44. Any mega deal that happens here will include a contractual agreement for Soto long term. It’s a benefit to all parties.

  45. Why would Soto do that? He's much better served in free agency with multiple teams bidding on him.

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