1. Just read it aloud in metro. Can confirm. Everyone was staring at me like I am some cool guy.

  2. I once saw a tit fuck, as in the nipple was somehow being penetrated, and it legit made me shudder.

  3. Honestly, I don't know. Hey can someone call that one bot that checks for repost?

  4. Democratic socialism doesn’t exist. Scandinavia is not socialist. Hell iceland and norway doesn’t even have a minimum wage meaning they’re wages rely on a solely capitalistic labour market. No wonder they’re salaries are so high. Cus their labour market prices aren’t touched by government.

  5. My link is from the Norwegian worker-overseerers. (Idk what to call it in english) they're the feds. Basically there's not a generall minimum wage for all jobs. But, there is goverment enforced minimum wages in certain fields. So to not outsorce vital jobs that makes norway run, to cheap, bad quality foreign labour.

  6. No fucking way man, I’m not showing this shit to anyone anymore, if you wanna find it and fucking scar yourself do it yourself, I don’t wanna be the guy to do that to you

  7. I hate both. Why? Becouse im from Norway

  8. The avatar thing? They're free. No idea how I got it but I have one too lol

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