1. dude you’re embarrassing Bosnians, shut the hell up

  2. Never have I seen something posted on here that has the capacity to cause so many wars. Good job, OP

  3. Thank you, thank you. Causing problems is a hobby of mine

  4. and then you brought food 🌯

  5. oh now he’s going to steal more than your kidneys brate

  6. shut the fuck up cigan before I fuck your family complete

  7. Orthodox Bosniaks will be conquered inshallah!!! 🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦💪💪💪

  8. Тндтs тне роiпт? Тндтs тне шноlе роiпт?

  9. Greece has 7x active personnel of croatia and bosnia combined

  10. They’re all gonna be too busy fucking each other to actually fight

  11. I had Covid during New Years last year, it fucking sucked. I hope you make a full recovery and you’re able to enjoy the rest of the year

  12. I have American citizenship, but I really want to apply for Bosnian citizenship so I can be a dual-citizen. I can speak intermediate Bosnian and I think qualify through descent, so I’m going to try to apply after the holidays. I am quite satisfied with my American citizenship though, and the strength of my passport.

  13. Bijelo Dugme, Lepa Brena, Crvena Jabuka, Plavi Orkestar, Dino Merlin, Kemal Monteno, Dubioza Kolektiv, i Himzo Polovina

  14. Newer generations in Bosnia are more religious, but I’m pretty much agnostic. I do still celebrate Bajram and don’t eat pork, but I don’t fast for Ramadan or pray frequently.

  15. Many Bosnian Serbs have no relatives in Serbia, my family is mostly from RS or Montenegro. What shall they do in Serbia ?

  16. By my take, Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Serbs can still fucking live here. I’m just saying that they need to accept that they live on Bosnian soil and need to contribute to this country rather than try to break it apart because they wanna be a part of Serbia or a part of Croatia. People like me WANT Bosnia to function. People like me WANT Bosnia to be peaceful. I like people who are Orthodox. I like Catholics. I don’t give a shit about your religion. I just care if you accept if you’re Bosnian. Not Bosniak, Bosnian. Nationality is different from ethnicity, and it should be more important.

  17. Then u should respect the special forced situation Bosnia is in with 3 different groups of people forming a nation. It’s essential different as in a ethnic homogeneous nation.

  18. You’re purposefully twisting my words now. Dude, if you think that you are CROATIAN, not a Bosnian Croat but just CROATIAN, you should leave. Same with Bosnian Serbs who think they’re Serbian.

  19. I haven’t found one, but I can translate the end cards for you: • When surrendering, compliance with the Geneva Conventions is guaranteed • Possible choices: Return to Russia, stay in Ukraine, become a refugee in the EU • I want to live

  20. The US and Bosnia are both hellholes with a ton of shortcomings, but they’re both my hellholes.

  21. To be true, she was an extreme Serbian nationalist, and she saw as her cause to stay there, she did not have to, it was very possible for her to leave. My father was in VRS ha. To complimate matters!

  22. What the fuck were your Serbian nationalist parents doing in Sarajevo? Murdering regular Bosnian civilians and cheering on war crimes? Fuck you and your family.

  23. Your neighbor watched the tape from The Ring a week ago

  24. Most people haven’t lost a limb or anything due to land mines. They’re a problem, but they’re not like a top 5 issue if that makes sense

  25. Jumbo and Best Jobs make me want to rip my fucking ears off 😭 the Coca Cola one will probably be stuck in my head too now

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