1. I love that no matter what social media platform we are on xj guys represent the cheap trashy shit and we love it 🤣

  2. That rifle is probably quality but that furniture looks like dog shit.

  3. looks like pats will be out of the rotation when i go up to a 37

  4. I was leaning towards the nittos bc this thing is currently my daily

  5. They do 75 unbalanced fairly well. I like them they are a standard for a reason. The side walls are good, they survived when a Ford steel rim died.

  6. I blue loctite my a2 tubes in because they are not staked and can't be staked. I stake my m4 tubes.

  7. Oh yeah, my LJ can stay on it’s rubi axles but there’s no making a j20 skinny

  8. Same. My issues extend to not offering spares. Like your gonna sell me a gun, I can't buy a firing pin extractor or spring for? But my zastavas I can go to the website and buy. My romainians I can just buy. Very frustrating and then the kp104 debacle the lack of ak105/101/102 and 74ms but we get a cali sporter.

  9. It's better than the cheap ones. But not great like zenit. It's pretty ok by my standards.

  10. This sub is so bipolar about KUSA it's insane

  11. It’s cool but I think surshot looks better and is more practical

  12. I like my boring non free floated quad on my m16a4 knock off. It's the only ar I own and I rather enjoy it.

  13. I have one because it's a good sbr length. It was 750 and it fits a sureshot mk3 chassis. I'm simple and boring

  14. I highly recommend going with a midlength Gas system for the recoil benefits, the extra sighting radius, and the lower wear on parts. I also recommend going with a non bcg or ch upper and buying a tool craft bolt with a extended charging handle. Ymmv and I may be a jack ass.

  15. I dont like this. I do like zastava guns and think they have made alot of improvements as zastava usa compared with century rifles.

  16. It'd worth the extra 50 bucks to me. That is the cost difference at the local store

  17. ZPAPs were cool when they were $800, but anyone paying over a $1,000 needs to reevaluate their purchase. It’s just not worth it.

  18. The same can be said for paying 900 for a wasr. Or a g for a psa. But it ain't the 2012s any more.

  19. Coolness man. Glad she is trating you well. I want a psa ak102 (had a 105 hated that I had to have more different types of ammo) and I had a gf3 I put like 3k through before I sold. Good guns especially when found on sale.

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