Red Lobster servers: what’s an appropriate tip %?

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  1. It all depends on what the culture of “trashy” is. Showing your ankles used to be trashy.

  2. Technically it’s “taller than average” but if I saw a 5’6” girl I would interpret it as average height

  3. It’s a bit of a dramatic response but I never say a card declined, I just say the card’s not working

  4. I remember getting a fortune cookie that said “have a nice day :-)” on it and I got so pissed off lol

  5. Nope. I went to the hospital for the same exact thing, ended up just being a panic attack. This was during the beginning of covid so I felt extra guilty about wasting resources. The doctor told me he would rather a patient be wrong but go to the ER than be right and ignore it.

  6. I won’t watch this video because the whole Gabbie Hanna thing is triggering to me but it seems like what I can gather, Sara is blaming marijuana use for Gabbie’s mania, which is very true that marijuana can trigger manic/psychotic episodes but any competent psychiatric care worker will not focus on that until the mania is being treated directly. I’ve experienced mania and psychotic episodes and the embarrassment once you come to and are properly treated is like none other. Minimizing substance abuse and the “whys” of how your episode is triggered and plan of treatment comes after you get yourself into a stable-ish state. And I would never blame anybody who I hurt in those states but I also will never forget the people who just laughed at me.

  7. Do you mind if I ask what it feels like slipping in and out of episodes? Why is it that you were only able to feel things like embarrassment after you were out?

  8. During the episodes things make sense. In fact it feels like life is making the most sense it ever has. I was feeding into delusions and magical thinking. The only thing I can compare the embarrassment to is when you read texts or watch videos of yourself the next day after a night out binge drinking. I have only ever came out of an episode from being hospitalized with medication or by entering a full force depressive episode randomly.

  9. The rule is always 20%, feel free to tip more if the service was extraordinary.

  10. Above all else you are safe if that provides you any comfort. I know how you feel cause I’ve experienced this many times. The only thing that will completely get rid of it is a benzo imo lol but otherwise keep sipping on water and distract yourself until you crash, then you can sleep the residuals off.

  11. I tore ligaments in my ankle from falling down the stairs when I was 15. I couldn’t walk on it for weeks. To this day 12 years later, it still flares up when I put too much pressure on it.

  12. Thank you for your comment, this gives me hope that I will have good trips without it. I’ve tried tripping without smoking (was a daily smoker) and it was never as good as when I smoke during the trip.

  13. IMO shrooms is enough on its own. Esp if you’ve been quit from weed for a while there’s a potential it just might make things weird. Of course there’s the possibility it might make things better, but the horrible experience I had makes me lean toward cautioning. For me I didn’t want the trip to end so I smoked some and basically the shrooms directly showed me how I shouldn’t fuck with that

  14. I just don’t know how I’m going to deal with the nausea. I still get stomach aches from lemon tek and tea.

  15. Oh man I know exactly what you mean. Tums or Pepto bismal maybe? I’m used to terrible nausea on the come up but I rationalize it because I know it will end. Not eating 3-4 hours beforehand helps too

  16. I agree. If you refer to someone as she/her and then they let you know their pronouns are they/them, we agree that there was misgendering that took place altho it wasn’t malicious and then you can continue to use the correct pronouns. If you use they/them for somebody and she lets you know her pronouns are actually she/her, it’s the same deal. A lot of people will justify “well it’s just good to use they/them if you don’t know” and while that’s true it’s still misgendering if it’s not correct. I know a feminine trans man that gets annoyed when people get defensive after using “they/them” and he corrects them.

  17. This is a common scam that’s also popular on Facebook marketplace even written ver batim. Downvote and report

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