1. O God…. The two most annoying people from this franchise have found each other 🤦🏽‍♀️

  2. It’s kind of odd to me. They’re both from Jersey. I really am starting to wonder if they planned this way in advance for clout and 15 minutes of fame. They have hung out several times. Idk I think it’s all been planned, but that’s just me. Emily is known to have been a Bunkie posting on here. This type of stuff just takes away from the authenticity of the show when it first started

  3. These 2 trying to save face and embarrassment by claiming their relationships were fake! I miss the old seasons when Angela & Tony, and not just IG wannabe baddies looking for clout. The show has become infested with clout chasers now, it’s a shame

  4. I’ll be quiet on this one. I like it here, I don’t want to get banned 🤫 🤐

  5. Are they throwing shade at Selena G because she always says this? They’re such b*tches I swear.

  6. Yep! Her song “kill em with kindness” 😒 Khloe looked like it was the first time she’s ever been complimented 🤣

  7. This begging act only works the first couple times. 3 if you’re lucky… she is literally making it her entire job to grift, and beg daily for her finances. She will sit happily in a mall all day without applying for jobs. Xavier didn’t find no vape on the floor!

  8. She responded to someone on IG saying no she just hasn’t gotten her body back yet

  9. I have been throwing away all of my old bad memories. Anything that has triggered me or gives me ptsd flashbacks, I have finally thrown away every. single. bad. memory. I used to live surrounded by these things, and lived in the last. Now I feel a huge weight lifted off of me

  10. I’m confused by the height difference with Kim.

  11. He assualted- violent on the officer, firefighter👍😏 he fkd up big-time with that charge!

  12. That was my thoughts but then I had flashbacks to Cheyenne’s possible bullshit story, so I want proof before I feel any remorse.

  13. This was the first thing I thought of too. Is this Kylie’s bought and paid for billboard?

  14. THIS IS REAL??? oh god I thought it was photoshopped 💀😭

  15. Yes, he's been liking her crazy posts. It's just a matter of time before he hits her in the DM😂

  16. She'd probably drop X like a hot potato. Heather is exactly the karma Josh deserves😂

  17. This infuriates me! This isn’t a bonding moment or a sacred thing to her. She is making fetish content for free! She is nursing in a Victoria’s Secret type bra looking like an OF shot. Anything to show off for daddy. She really makes me sick!

  18. This shit needs to be more heavily reported.

  19. It does! IG is horrible at taking stuff down tho. I’ve reported dozens of times, and they never do anything, but I’ll keep trying! It’s just so poverted.

  20. I’ve seen one where the producers drove her home once or twice because she was too drunk!

  21. I finally found an article from the news from one of my post 😆 thanks for posting!

  22. With my procreate pocket 🙏🙏🙏 and the 5 min before I could leave work lol

  23. Hey, Dylan! I’m a big fan of LAL! Do you have any behind the scenes stories that didn’t make it on air that you can share with a Bunkie?

  24. I have to find it. It was a a couple weeks ago someone on here posted their Poshmark store, and when you zoom in on the photo you can see the dry glue 🤣 I’m trying to find it

  25. $300 for this swamp!? Cameos are like 30 seconds… I’ve seen legit actors & A listers only charge $25-50

  26. I remember those stories of Mandy going off, and it wasn’t even Heather who was talking crap. It was a YouTuber, and she went off on coco ☠️💀☠️

  27. I bet it’s Stans just coming here and reporting posts, or the Ks themselves. I highly doubt people who read this sub regularly are doing that.

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