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  1. The group of congregation members gathering around a man they just saw be exposed as a pedophile and an abuser to pray with him...

  2. How do you supposedly "good people" sit by and let this charlatan berate him like that? They cheered him on when he told the guy to leave. What a major bag of dicks.

  3. Cult brainwashing is a hell of a drug. Humanity has taught us time and time again that people thrive in homogeneous groups of uniformed conformity, and thoroughly enjoy watching an undesirable be ostracised from said groups. Cults and religious congregations are essentially that exact survival instinct on speed.

  4. By the time German soldiers began using the drug to speed up the conquest of continental Europe, Temmler’s Pervitin methamphetamine tablet — which was legal to purchase and advertised extensively — had secured a large chunk of the domestic market, helping German students pass their exams, German doctors make their rounds, and, in the form of Hildebrand boxed chocolates laced with meth, German housewives complete their chores. Its use was already normalized in the country, in other words, by the time Germany went to war — which is why soldiers wrote home to ask their families to send it in packages and believed it to be similar to coffee even after Leonardo Conti, the Reich Health leader, made it nominally subject to the German Opium Act of 1929 in June 1941.

  5. The Victoria Hall disaster occurred on 16 June 1883 at the Victoria Hall in Sunderland, England. Due to the death by compressive asphyxia of 183 children, aged between 3 and 14 years old, the disaster is classed as the worst of its kind in British history.

  6. Well, how else are they gonna market the movie in China? They're in enough hot water as it is with the whole Winnie the Pooh business.

  7. Can confirm from parents who grew up in the 70s- it was a bag of dicks to live in. Plus everyone had a constant migraine from the ugly ass colour schemes and interior design they were subjected to.

  8. That’s literally the ending to 24 different bad action movies.

  9. "Go ahead without me...just GO! I'll be OK, trust me."

  10. This would probably be the equivalent of when imprisoned serial killers publish their memoirs.

  11. Christ, imagine how many Wholesome Seal of Approval awards he got for the development of missile and nuclear arms programs.

  12. I love how with footy fans you either have the malnourished, uncomfortably emaciated type, or the 300 pound pot-bellied red-faced unit. There's literally no inbetween, it's one or the other.

  13. Artefact is the British spelling, and fortunately I'm not dumb enough to use 'Murican spelling for a meme about British history.

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