1. As a bisexual who cannot make decisions, she is very right

  2. Also bisexuals: omg why don't gay people date us, what a mystery

  3. I mean my lesbian gf also can’t make decisions, trying to pick a new series to binge watch is a nightmare…

  4. I’m very monogamous. Even in the early stages of dating, I’ve never really dated multiple people at the same time, once I develop feelings for one person, that’s pretty much it.

  5. I’m not much of a crier, but Nick’s coming out scene definitely put a lump in my throat. Kit Connor and Olivia Coleman were amazing in that scene, it felt so real.

  6. Nothing’s wrong with it if you’re both happy and content. There’s no ‘right’ timeframe for these things. Also this sounds lovely, I’m happy for you guys

  7. This is so beautiful, I’m really really happy for you. And I’m so glad that your wife has been as supportive and understanding as she has been, it truly can make all the difference.

  8. This is so sweet!! Wishing you guys luck and happiness❤️

  9. I just remember watching that scene with my sister and she said ‘they are both wearing the gayest shoes’ and I had to laugh

  10. It's because they never saw him eating a lemon bar. That would have cleared it all up much sooner.

  11. Please can someone clear up the lemon bar thing for me, because I’d literally never heard that before joining Reddit 😂

  12. Ahhh I get it and fully support lemon bars being the bi baked goods

  13. I hyperfixate but I don't know if that's due to OCD or ADHD or both. Not officially diagnosed with either but it does seem to run in the family.

  14. Yeah took me ages to get an OCD diagnosis and my sister has adhd so would not surprise me if I also had it (I do show a lot of adhd traits) but I don’t know for sure

  15. That's interesting you have ADHD in your family too, and also that your OCD took a while to get diagnosed. Do you have a more subtle form of OCD that no one caught?

  16. Actually yes, it mostly manifests as Pure O, so I get intense intrusive thoughts but the compulsions are often more mental (I do get physical ones but that’s how mine most commonly presents itself)

  17. Dude I know, I’m a whole adult, and I’m spending my time on this subreddit. That show left a void for some reason

  18. I honestly find that scene funny and also sad because I relate to it so much. Like I did that when I was 15 and the fact it almost feels like a gay initiation is hilarious but then his reaction makes it sadder because I do remember also feeling that way about it for ages

  19. ‘I’m having a proper, full-on gay crisis’- Nick Nelson (I mean, when am I not?)

  20. They're okey as long as you only use them with people that are of the same mind as you - comfortable with them. Don't use them as a blanket term, and try to maybe only use them on a circle you know everyone is comfortable with their use.

  21. I 100% agree. Like one of my (gay) friends has jokingly called me the d slur and I couldn’t care less but I know another friend of mine hates that word with a burning passion. Everyone is different and regardless of your own views/whether you want to reclaim those words or not, you do need to respect other people

  22. I feel like as long as you know what the people you surround yourself with are comfortable hearing and acclimating to their comfort level then you should be fine.

  23. Shit, I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’m not surprised you feel that way, I have a friend who says similar due to having his own negative experiences with that word. I guess everyone is different and it’s about respecting other people’s wishes and boundaries.

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