1. People who condescendingly address the person they're arguing with as "hon" or "darling"... like, how are u so infantile? This isn't a soap opera

  2. Thick ass lip fillers... y'all look like Cheep Cheep from Mario

  3. All these labels that people in the MBTI community attach to and can't get past is starting to make MBTI seem like an infantile game of who's special and who's not, gimme a break

  4. Examples of legitimate suffering: being diagnosed with a terminal disease, loosing your partner or child in an accident, entering the world after an abusive or neglectful childhood, making the necessary sacrifices to achieve a goal, accepting the things about yourself you previously refused, coming to terms with the brutality of the natural world

  5. A lot of neurotic people seem to be physically comfortable... so there's a pattern there. It is as though the mind chooses to simulate suffering and condense it into a purely mental event so as to avoid having to deal with it in reality. It becomes compartmentalized. That way, an individual can fool himself into thinking he is dealing with suffering when in reality he is only taking the shortcut.

  6. That's true. Affluent people have more access to means of escape... and so escape becomes their fix... whereas poor people have no choice but to deal with a problem head-on. The latter then actually suffers whereas the former obfuscates suffering and so has to deal with the inevitable outbreak of the unconscious by dint of the unabsorbed backlog of "suffering."

  7. Thank you for your reply, my appointment is next month so ill see what they tell me, but curious enough im on a new job that requires me to wear safety shoes that are hard and to walk all the shift, but I will still get it checked Thank you again for the good reply

  8. Hi, I'm having the same exact issue right now. Can you give me an update? Did it recover? What did your dermatologist say?

  9. Broken blood vessel under the epidermis. Did you ever bump it or wear tight shoes? It can happen with fairly light strain. It will go away in time. It will grow out. Dried blood under the skin layers. Not a doctor...just read a lot. Good luck!

  10. Hi, I have the same problem. How many months do you think will it take to recover? Also, what do you mean by... "grow out"?

  11. Lmaoooo. That was my exact reaction when I first saw some of their stuff on twt.

  12. I don't even think it's an unhealthy thing per se. I'm a 9 and I'm exactly the same way. I crap on those stuff but I also acknowledge my own judgmental propensities. There's a reason why I think certain things are trash. And, let's be honest here, not everything is "good." Value judgments are relative truths but valid nonetheless. Nature harbors the good and the bad. But, if you want to use the cosmic perspective, everything just is. The best thing we can do is to become conscious of this paradox and to ground ourselves in reality as opposed to striving towards either a faux transcendence or inordinate egoism. It's all about raising consciousness, embracing paradox, and cultivating dynamism and prudence.

  13. If I choose to have a positive outlook and radiate love, the entire world gets just a little bit better. It might me immeasurable but i know the kindness of a total stranger has been the catalyst that has pulled me from a dark place more than a few times. Everyone is making it up as they go along, and doing the best they can with what they have, so when you listen, respond, and react with love and empathy it could be just enough to help someone, whether you ever know or see the benefits. This is coming from a man who was angry, drunk, and generally sarcastic and cynical about everything. I wasn’t a happy person, but I was comfortable in my misery. Psychedelics showed me that misery just made other people feel the same.

  14. Anger is a symptom of broken expectations, and you can be without one only when you let go of the other. Also, perfection doesn't mean nothing more can be added perfection means nothing more can be taken away.

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