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  1. If the sky is purple, what colors will the monkeys be?

  2. That would change the entire course of evolutionary history, monkeys wouldn’t exist

  3. So, if the sky is purple, that equals no monkeys, there for no humans?

  4. As an avid fromsoft fan, I feel that goat simulator deserves game of the year.

  5. Twilight Princess being up there makes my opinions feel valid. Best game ever made.

  6. Trust me, this is the type of person you DONT want to date. My ex was like this, it was the most I’ve ever been paranoid I’ve been in my whole life, and I couldn’t step away from my phone for 5 minutes without her thinking I hated her. At first it was cute, but then it just became annoying, but then again, I think it’s just not my type, because I’m a very laid back person.

  7. I swear half these questions could be answered by just looking it up.

  8. The sky in Fortissax’s area is jaw dropping tbh

  9. This is gonna happen to me soon, and it makes me very happy.

  10. That second phase drop gives me chills every time. It really had that perfect mixture of Bloodborne and Dark Souls soundtracks mixed into it

  11. This. It’s really unfortunate that Fortissax is such an absent boss, to point where you can so easily miss him, yet he has the sickest fucking track in the game, and one of the best in the series.

  12. Anyone else sad they removed katana parrying?

  13. Never seek aproval from Reddit you're better than that

  14. I wasn’t seeking approval, was just proud of myself, that’s all.

  15. This is really fucking sick! Never played Hollow Knight, but this is just awesome. Only complaint is how dull Pontiff, Soul of Cinder and Gael looks, especially Soul of Cinder and Gael, as they are the final bosses, and lack that charm.

  16. Trust me, you don’t want to date someone like this. No offense to OP or anything, as I’m sure you’re a great person, but I’ve dated someone like this and it was not fun, literally couldn’t have time to myself.

  17. Yeah true, also, perhaps he used the infinite souls glitch?

  18. Even with the glitch it would be a pretty advanced game for artorias to one shot him at 99 health and stone armor

  19. Fortissax is my personal favorite boss in the whole game, most definitely could use a buff. He has no right to be as weak as he is, only to have the most visually impressive arena, and banger ass track of the entire game.

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