1. They could have said "we are in the middle of the war we can't send assistance" and everyone in Turkey would have understood it. But they sent them anyways. As a person that had family members affected by the earthquake i can not thank you enough. I know this help came from the heart of Ukranians.

  2. Meanwhile in Russia.. we can’t help we are in a special operation

  3. I think it's kind of like when Russia kept landing at the airport near Kherson.

  4. Ahh comrade you forget.. they will run out of ammunition and then you will have eternal glory and gratitude of the motherland

  5. The thing I always love about these Russian diatribes is how that they state what there needs are and just expect everyone else to accept them because they are some god chosen race of special beings. Other people’s needs, or suffering are of no concern to such a superior race, and any violence Russia does is justified. I keep getting flashbacks of hitlers speeches.. can’t think why

  6. Should have used him to feed false info

  7. And Ukraine offered to help.. says it all really

  8. As this guy is a war criminal it would be tragic if he got handed over to Ukraine

  9. The fact he was discussing kind of sums up putin and his regime..

  10. Just doing what Russians do naturally then..

  11. North Korea’s government recently ordered North Korean trading companies in Russia to select personnel to send to Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine so they can take part in reconstruction efforts, South Korean newspaper Daily NK reported.

  12. I have never heard of anyone else in my life who talks as much shit as this dude talks. And people just believe him. Anything he says. No matter how improbable, they believe it. I just can't understand. I mean, defend his presidency if you want. But how can anyone be so seriously ignorant to just believe the shit that comes out of this guy's mouth???

  13. I thought it was ironic that even the Russian tv propaganda presenters were taking the ‘p’ out of him for the things he said about stopping the war.. your credibility has got to be bad if they laugh at you

  14. And equally he could have been killed by Russian agents operating in Ukraine.. if indeed he had thwarted their invasion.

  15. He does realise the russian tv media we’re laughing at him in their recent broadcasts saying how ridiculous he was even for them... if Russians are laughing at you and you still support them you have to wonder why

  16. So much talent and energy to embrace life to its fullest is being destroyed by the Russian hatred of anything good in the world. To create beauty in such adversity shows the true nature of a people and all Russia can bring is death.

  17. The stupidity. The unimaginable stupidity of the Russians to allow so many weapons be captured.

  18. Out of fuel, mechanical failure coupled with poor logistics and few trained mechanics are the reason for availability. They probably don’t destroy them because they haven’t been told to

  19. The thing is that athletes train their whole lives for this, and then they are expected to drop out because the IOC allows athletes from another country to compete. By dropping out all their training was for nothing while the other (Russian) athletes still get to compete and their victories (if they win) are still counted.

  20. The sponsors need to be targeted by the governments and people of the west. If sponsors money goes the ioc will change their mind immediately

  21. It’s these videos that really make me feel bad for these Russian type people. They will never know the truth or realities of the world. I wish more than anything, that the world could step in, and show them EVERYTHING!!! Not just how the war is really going, but show them what life is really like outside of their third world country. It blew me away to learn that entire city’s there, only have one water well, NO plumbing at all?! NO information coming in from the outside world l, nothing! I think if they knew how bad they’ve been lied to their whole lives, it would end the war a lot faster. I know that will never happen but WOW!!

  22. Sadly even if you showed them the truth they would not accept it... it’s very difficult for the human mind to accept your whole life and belief system is a lie. Typically then they revert to type because it’s comfortable and not scary and they go into complete denial. This will take a couple of generations to filter out assuming the government during those generations is more open and honest which is unlikely.

  23. The USA prides itself on its fight for its right to be independent.. how ironic that she doesn’t think it right to support another fledgling nation trying to do the same. The hypocrisy of the woman is sickening and damaging to the values America stands for and the lives of Ukrainian citizens.

  24. How sad when even Russia think he can’t deliver..

  25. But what does it have to do with (most, of course there are assholes who openly support the war) Russian / Belorussian athletes? Just make them compete under neutral flag, ban those who openly support the agression - should be enough, no?

  26. I take it you didn’t see the Australian open tennis... if your country is geocoding a neighbour and threatening the with world nuclear destruction they should only be allowed as neutrals when they are actively protesting against the regime otherwise the are passive supporters and give the propaganda machine lots of valuable material.

  27. I’m a big tennis fan. What exactly did ATHLETES do? Some random dudes (and it looks like they were Serbian, not Russian) sneaked flags and chanted. The Russian in the match, Rublev, was as active as one could be against war since March

  28. They didn’t denounce Russia and their actions... they posed for photos and did autographs with people wearing z T-shirts.. which as a fan you would have seen. You appear not to have an issue with it but I do. The world has to send every message it can that genocide is wrong and sport is one of those platforms that gets world coverage. Other sports have and are doing it and the olympics should be joining that solidarity

  29. They are just recruiting centres for Wagner

  30. People need to stop talks no about nato being involved because that plays to Russian rhetoric.. this is a Russian invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign nation and based on made up propaganda claims. Friendly countries who reject the Russian imperialist aggression are providing humanitarian supplies and military equipment to help Ukraine defend themselves and drive out the invaders. Some of those countries are members of nato but others are not. Simply put, the war would end immediately if Russia withdraws and most neighbours of Russia would happily build a wall between themselves and Russia.

  31. As a Brit I can confirm the slang ‘pansy’ is someone who is weak and cowardly used in this context of bravery. It CAN also be used to mean effeminate, again depending on the context and I guess things lose context in translation.

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