1. I learned from a dermatologist, that the fungus that causes athletes foot is all over our world, not just in gyms, locker rooms. It’s that these places are often damp. The actual reason why athletes foot takes hold on your skin is dampness and darkness, aka damp foot in a dark shoe.

  2. TIL. This is super helpful, thank you!! Going to pack a clean hand towel in my climbing bag.

  3. I don't think getting athlete's foot is uncommon. I walk around the gym barefoot often and didn't get any symptoms during the drier months.

  4. Oh awesome! I got some OTC cream but I bet an oral prescription is way more effective. Thank you!

  5. One thing that people overlook is that by dropping time-consuming clients or products, you recover the capacity to reallocate more effectively. It's a net financial loss initially, but the excess capacity makes retooling faster than you'd expect.

  6. This is well articulated. I’ve experienced this exact thing happening before but never knew how to explain it to someone else.

  7. My self righteous scrupulous cousin used to tip like 5% whenever we went out to restaurants. It was mortifying for me, and I never had the money to cover her portion of the tip in addition to my own. I eventually just stopped eating out with her. God she was such a bitch.

  8. Raccoons can be very mean and viscous to a cat. They nearly killed our cat once. Please be careful!

  9. These two are pretty good friends, but we have a couple other raccoons who come around every so often who aren’t nearly as patient or playful.

  10. But have you ever eaten green beans from a shoe?

  11. Holy moly this is unreal! Thank you for sharing your incredible work!

  12. Your hair is fabulous and so is your outfit. Do you mind dropping a link to the sweater! It looks so comfy :)

  13. If it’s not against the rules to ask - would you mind dropping your hair routine? Seriously beautiful hair

  14. Wow, this is amazing! How did you secure the shelf to the door so that the added weight of the wood + food doesn’t prevent it from sagging? I know nothing about carpentry

  15. She can’t even come up with her own content for her Instagram posts, how the actual fuck is she going to come up with enough content for a single podcast episode?

  16. I highly recommend the grain free pizza crust recipe, fathead pizza crust. It’s technically Keto but not crazy high in fat or calories compared to a regular pizza. It’s made of mozzarella cheese, almond flour, a smidge of cream cheese, and an egg. Honestly I preferred it to traditional pizza crust before I had to go GF.

  17. My god your skin is chef’s kiss I mean the whole look is incredible but I can hardly believe you aren’t wearing foundation

  18. A craft project, glass of wine, and audiobook

  19. I’ve been uninsured since age 24. I’m fortunate that my medication is only $45 per month, so I just pay out of pocket and hope I never get a terrible diagnosis.

  20. We provide a duvet and lightweight blanket that dries pretty quickly. Wash duvet cover as needed (it’s white so mostly after every guest), wash blanket and sheets every time. Wash duvet insert every month or so.

  21. HPV and chickenpox at a minimum are completely unnecessary. I got the chickenpox vaccine once and ended up coming down with it at age 20, and was almost hospitalized because of the severity from my age. Just let them get it naturally as children and then they won’t need to get vaccinated every 5-10 years.

  22. Looks amazing! I just received the same containers as you and have started my organization. Just waiting for four more large containers for flour and sugars and it will be complete.

  23. Thank you! Oh awesome, such a good feeling! I just ordered 5 sets of spice jars for part two of this organization and I sang wait for them to arrive!

  24. It’s a million times better than Rivergate. Rivergate is some apocalyptic bullshit.

  25. If you’re female, bring a Kula cloth. Just wash it between hikes and let it hang to dry on the outside of your pack. I never hike without one.

  26. Strange as we just had the same thing happen literally days ago. Guests canceled the day they were to check in saying their flight was canceled, but they didn’t ask to change their dates. We stuck with our cancellation policy and charged them accordingly. We weren’t able to rebook the nights.

  27. I just saw this recipe on Pinterest but wanted a review from someone before trying it. Thank you for posting! I’ll have to try this out this weekend, I am waiting for a big shipment of oat flour to make my usual recipe.

  28. Homemade is even better, especially if you use free range eggs

  29. I really need specific info on streets and detailed locations. I know lots of New England and PNW small towns are likely to have this. But I need specifics or else I'm looking for a needle in a haystack.

  30. I’d figure out your general location then find an awesome realtor in the area. A good realtor will be able to give you specifics you’re looking for.

  31. It's called stop spending money on wars and all the other fucking bullshit. Or, let the workers keep their own $.

  32. The rope is nearly invisible. At first I was wondering why you were free soloing in the gym lol.

  33. And her harness matches her pants! I had the same thought

  34. Nice! I made a Teff flour sandwich bread today. It has oat flour, tapioca, potato starch, and xanthan gum. It’s my favorite sandwich bread so far.

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