Stabilised footage of the Bigfoot film from 1967.

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  1. It is, but there are ways! It took me years but I finally figured out a good technique

  2. im still trying to figure it out! When i get it right, it looks great! when its even just a little off, it looks awful.

  3. Try doing a normal wing and then making a little line from the wing into your natural eye crease (as in, the wrinkle where the “hood” of your eyelid is). When you’re looking straight on with your eyes opened normally it looks like a normal wing

  4. I do not have this issue. Anyone that drinks can be my friend, but while they are drinking, I will be elsewhere, guaranteed. Adios, suckas. My best friend is between my ears. My brain. That is the only thing I have going for me. What's outside, are just... friends. Listen, your brain will be there for you, when your fair weather friends fly away.

  5. Well the thing is, this person is my sibling, not a friend that I could just dump without much care. That’s what is so disappointing about it

  6. I don’t think so, I just mean that I’m not sure how our FBI would deal with a tip pertaining to a foreign issue

  7. Oh well. They got bigger problems over there. Let the shitbulls kill each other. Not our problem 🤷‍♂️

  8. Just glad this isn’t local but I’m sure we’ve got plenty of our own clowns doing this

  9. Spouse of an arms dealer and I have never once had this thought when a woman asks for advice or help with shooting or gun selection. Very insecure sounding

  10. After a couple moments of thought I realized you most likely mean your spouse is a legal seller of firearms in the US with a store and such, but my first reaction was imagining the spouse of some Columbian drug lord snarking on bdong lol.

  11. Since when was wearing a pink jacket with blue nails “bold?” This is just a normal spring look

  12. Doing this continuously seems like it would catch up to their joints pretty quickly

  13. Which is 100% wrong. There were good suits for decades.

  14. I wonder what the possibility of someone getting ahold of a full gorilla hide could have been. If you had a creative seamstress converting that hide into a wearable suit doesn’t seem too challenging

  15. I don’t know where I stand on this, but if this was faked by putting someone in a suit, they did an impressive job of creating one.

  16. I’d say it depends on the individual, the reason they’re an addict, and the person they are in sobriety. But for many friends and relatives of such people, it’s certainly fair to say they shouldn’t feel like they’re required to forgive them if the level of damage is at a point where they don’t think they can do that.

  17. This is what gets me beyond all of the behavioral issues and danger of them. They are just so ugly, in every variation that they can be found in. I truly do not understand the visual appeal to them whatsoever. Even dogs that are supposed to “look scary” such as Dobermans are still nice looking. Pits are just hideous.

  18. I thought they were twins. Lmao.

  19. Of course, it’s common knowledge that retrievers are meant to be vicious and destroy whatever they are supposed to be retrieving for you! That’s clearly a mouth that can carry eggs unharmed!

  20. $1,000 a month?? To have someone look after a dog?? That’s some desperation right there

  21. To be honest, I even find it cringeworthy when it’s a cute, nice type of dog

  22. After this performance, you just know they the kind of people who are never going to shut up about how they got a rescue. Ever.

  23. Because they don’t consider it abuse

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