1. Well I would do it too if I had no ability to choose or weigh options and do risk assessment, and someone just physically stuck it in my arm and forced me to take it

  2. You do realize you have a history on this site?

  3. I’m sure you and the other good little citizens will be sending me to the reeducation camp one day, for my own good of course, until then have a good night

  4. What in the honest fuck is wrong with you? You need to seek mental help ASAP! This is not a normal way for someone to think.

  5. I’ll have you know one of my personalities is a therapist and we have regular sessions, so don’t worry. Thank you for the concern though kind stranger

  6. I hope they vote this in, I want to see the aftermath. I’m never going to that shithole, so I’ll just grab my popcorn 🍿

  7. And the German flag and I think the skull is the SS?

  8. Buddhist pirate flag you idiot, learn some history before you make ignorant comments

  9. Your wife’s boyfriend probably has one you can borrow, sometimes

  10. These eyes, daddadaddatta, cry every night, for you, these arms…….

  11. Anyone that requests to the meat gazer at the UI test should be suspect and especially if they are picking which ones to watch 🤯

  12. A bunch of overprivileged white women with someone else’s money to spend will make any place insufferable

  13. Well how the fuck do you train?

  14. Tell her the mouth hole isn’t the only hole you’ll be spitting in

  15. He should have called a spicy Latinx taco 🌮 then it would be all good

  16. Probably antibiotics for the pink eye from the brown eye

  17. Looks like Ukraine is a certain kind of party state.

  18. A lot of money and hot women, sounds like a party to me!

  19. Tis but a flesh wound! Come back and fight you coward!

  20. It’s only a bad idea if it doesn’t work

  21. great, hope you know how to drive a ship, cuz I don't. I wanna be the "idea guy" or whatever, you can do the work and I'll pay you with the money that other guy gives me. deal?

  22. not sure what that means but sure, sounds useful anyway, welcome to the crew!

  23. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, check it out

  24. Little Labowski Urban Achievers!

  25. To be fair, Vice President has only one job: Break a tie in the senate. Thats it. They aren't really tasked to do anything else.

  26. That guy has the look of a man who is wondering what kind of fuckery he’s gotten himself into

  27. Omaha Brewing is near Providence Canyon. Also, Columbus has a few things to do as well like white water rafting, ziplines, and the National Infantry museum on Ft. Benning.

  28. Also about 20 miles east is the small town of Richland, which has Richland Rum distillery and you can take a tour and taste some local made rum!

  29. Old guys are like “back in my day you were skinned alive before you were crucified, kids these days have it too easy”

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