1. any chance you are mixed up with drowning pool?

  2. I might be can you tell me some more please

  3. After the release of their debut album, Sinner (2001), original vocalist Dave Williams was found dead on August 14, 2002[2] from heart disease. Jason Jones, who replaced Williams in 2003, recorded one album, Desensitized (2004), but left in 2005 due to musical differences.[2] Ryan McCombs of Chicago-based band SOiL, later replaced Jones and released two albums, Full Circle (2007) and Drowning Pool (2010), making it the first time Drowning Pool had not switched singers after just one album.[2] However, McCombs left the band in 2011 to rejoin SOiL.[2] Jasen Moreno was announced as McCombs' replacement in 2012, and the band has since recorded three albums with him: Resilience (2013), Hellelujah (2016) and the upcoming Strike a Nerve (2022). This makes Moreno the band’s first lead singer to perform on three albums.

  4. Right wingers come here because they got censored elsewhere

  5. I'd rather them wake up and fight back

  6. It`s a psychological weapon, that's why it's free

  7. The only people that care what he says are already triple jabbed

  8. You were warned and had your post deleted a month ago for begging

  9. The way Packer fans are turning on their hero Aaron Rodgers shows how much power the cult has.

  10. A random Twitter feed so it could or could not be true. But this would piss a lot of people off, the news will carry it for one day, and then the story and complaints will go away with a refreshed news cycle.

  11. They wouldn't pay you to shill here so hard if that were true

  12. It's taking all mainstream attention from them wanting to vaccinate children by Christmas

  13. Billionaires are not our friends.

  14. you just brought up Trump 2 hours ago hypocrite

  15. This sub isn't creepy enough for the 28[M4F] looking for pics of boobs and ass from around the world guy

  16. Ironically most of my posts on

  17. You could always post non vax stuff here

  18. It was a joke from a barstool guy

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