1. Thanks I’m new to assassin but love this skin

  2. Wait why didn’t you use your boosters to fly?

  3. Damn good to know I haven’t experienced this yet

  4. Add me if you want to play hidden heart mode I’m down! Psn: radroi

  5. Youre allowed to take damage, but if someone dies, you will not obtain the Hidden Heart

  6. There's always little things to improve on or little tricks that you can add to your game. The best thing to do is record yourself as it can be difficult to tell in the moment what needs improving. By looking back at your own gameplay it becomes much clearer what little things you can improve on whether it's aim, movement, positioning, etc.

  7. Thanks a lot for such an extensive answer. I main horizon for the sole purpose of her movement and obviously ability to get high ground and I feel like she’s the only character on console who can air strafe

  8. Best advice I can give is play with the intent to improve. Sounds dumb but what this actually translates to is really focus on what you’re doing within the game. DO NOT AUTOPILOT. Every action you do must have REASON behind it. If you find yourself not thinking you are playing improperly. With this in mind, try to analyze what went wrong with each and every play. NEVER blame your teammates and continue to target your practice on areas you are weak at.

  9. Thanks I never thought of it like that. Seemingly simple method but could be really effective

  10. Thanks man I’ve never tried supermassive but always used fired up with my duo kunais just recently unlocked second perk and thought these 2 would be OP… comment section on this thread is telling me otherwise LOL

  11. Considering that you are almost D2 means that you are climbing and that by itself is something you should be proud of bro. You are climbing despite the tilt, thats really good. Keep at it and you will hit masters, this seasons has its ups and a little more downs than other maps unfortunately.

  12. Thanks bro I appreciate that. I will just keep at it. This thread has been enlightening

  13. I am getting extra tilt this season as well. Mainly bc I’m P2 and keep getting matched with a P4 and their gold buddy EVERY GAME. I’m usually only hard on myself but watching some of their decisions has me speaking my mind.

  14. I’m diamond in arenas and get paired with golds sometimes like wtf lol

  15. Bro try Sony DualShock back paddles(20-30$ at Walmart). I’ve been using them since season 8 and have hit masters with them. They are super easy to set up. Set your R3 to crouch still but bind it to your left back paddle and bind your jump to the right back paddle.

  16. Bro it's just your positioning and also you gotta know when to fall back. When you lose shields, back off and reset, even if you're frying. Unless it's the last guy on the squad and you have a 100% chance of winning. You have good aim.

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