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  1. Cannot exist. Either you're with labor or the company. You can tell yourself that you're on the side of the workers, but when it comes down to it, you have to back the company to keep your job.

  2. Well you're still labor at the end of the day so yes ofc side with the workers, duh.

  3. Are you implyin flakko invented the Spanish language

  4. Hint: the HR department behind this painful process has zero interest in being advised on anything. 50/50 the battleaxe in charge believes it's a feature, not a bug.

  5. My thoughts exactly. That's why I never completed my application.

  6. Is the info about your personal details (location, working rights, qualifications etc) or info about your experience and skill set?? 7 forms seems insane, if they’re requesting info on your work experience etc isn’t that what the interview is for lol

  7. They're even asking questions about my parents! Seems like an excuse to data farm tbh. And yeah it's a big well known legit company. Just annoying...

  8. Haven't we already had that? Can we try something new? Like massively increasing the quality of life for the average people 🤔

  9. Dutch here. I don't recall any fines scaling with your wealth.

  10. Ah I'm wrong again. Looks like I live in a fantasy world. I thought speeding fines were adjusted to income. Lol. Apologies everyone, I'm once again spreading falsehoods on the interwebs 😶 guilty as charged.

  11. Kind of. I avoid the news tbh but I heard something about electricity being off from 4pm - 7pm ... which sounds insane in terms of traffic lights, street lights, public transport etc. They'd have to implement another lockdown and/or cut everyone's hours short because I sure as hell am not walking home in absolute darkness when there's all sorts of danger around.

  12. do you think it is going to be this winter of the next? I hope it is the next atleast

  13. I love your style? Which software did you use to draw this?

  14. Will she be PM long enough to be included in textbooks?

  15. I think so... she has been explosive... it'll probably be taught in one short module of brexit where she'll be clumped with Cameron, May, Johnson and Farage.

  16. The main issue when trying to organize a retailer strike is getting enough support at every location to make it affect the business. Unfortunately, a lot of people in retail jobs live paycheck-to-paycheck and can’t afford to strike (which is part of the problem, in an annoyingly circular way)

  17. Agreed. Which is why it would have to be nation wide and well advertised ahead of time in order to be effective. I think if retailers planned a strike for the christmas period wage negotiations would be on the table. It would certainly have to be a collective effort.

  18. For people with families and/or rent, barely surviving and living paycheck to paycheck might be a zero-sum game but trying to strike could mean starving or losing their shelter. But I’m in the US so I don’t know anything specific about data or customs or public perception

  19. 30% goes on adequate rent (ie high quality building with reasonable space for all tenants)

  20. It is when you can't afford food because you have an emergency bill to pay

  21. Again money is NOT everything. Your imagination is. Your circumstances are due to YOUR imagination. Shift your consciousness, shift your life. Enjoy your evening.

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