1. Do I get credit with Lease phones? But I'm guessing not, since I have to give the s21 back anyways or buy it out

  2. Nothing is secure my friend. They only got your address and birthday apparently so they won't be opening any credit cards in your name.

  3. My credit is bad, I can't even use it 🤣 let them have it

  4. I used to think Tylenol would help too but I think ibuprofen would be much more potent, thanks homie!

  5. My brother taught me to use ibuprofen but I have crohns so I don't really drink anymore

  6. Ibuprofen over time will kill you. that's why the workmans comp doctor the company sends you to first proscribes that shit.

  7. Oh yeah ibuprofen is horrible for you but I also only drink a handful times a year, if that. I haven't drank since probably early 2021

  8. Our cover drivers work inside when not driving

  9. We only have preload and twilight here

  10. It does with android auto. Idk about Apple, I'm assuming yes but I can't say for sure

  11. When I bought the car, the gauge was at 21, so I’m guessing it should be capable of more? Maybe it was tuned and they got rid of the tune? I’m not sure…

  12. That's just boost spike. 16-17 is about right

  13. Alignment? Is it pulling to the side?

  14. If I'm coming to a stop neutral or if slowing down a lot

  15. I got an 21 ultra I routinely get updates. Also android 13

  16. You might need a dose increase or closer infections.

  17. I'm hypothyroid so I mainly get fatigue from that. Before that, I never really noticed any from my stomach/colon issues

  18. My mom got it at a heavy discount for Arthritis. She was on some assistance plan, US

  19. I set an alarm for 5am(my work alarm is 540am currently due to the cold, it's usually 555am) take meds and go back to bed till my work alarm.

  20. 0 on twilight. Not sure about preload though

  21. Ask management or look on the staff sheets or last but not always accurate is the schedules

  22. Ah true but it doesn't really matter to me tbh

  23. Well if you're in the US, you're not legally obligated to tell them and they're not supposed to pass up in hiring if you do disclose BUT they do it.

  24. Idk about 22 but 15-21 premium had fogs and base did not. Also heated mirrors and heated wiper spots.

  25. I have a 19 base. It comes with heated mirrors. Also the base was the only trim that didn't have the moonroof and push start so I got the base because of that.

  26. Oh gotcha. Dealer says premium had a winter package and said what it includes

  27. Idk what country the shipping label scan is but the origin scan is the US. Do you have mychoice? If you do, it'll tell you what the last 2 scans are

  28. Pretty as he'll, definitely next lockscreen!

  29. If I were you, I would have him to turn off chat feature in his messaging app to see if that solves the problem.

  30. I don't have a chat feature on my s21, I was just curious to see what that is and don't even see it

  31. Uh that chat feature is only available on the Google-branded messaging app.

  32. Ahh okay. I just use the stock "messages" lol

  33. When I left in early 2020, I got mine in the mail

  34. I think they are gallon containers which 1 gal=4 quarts. Like I said I have a few of them. Cool thing about the Fumoto is if it gets to the top you can turn it off, get an empty bottle, start filling up the 2nd bottle. 😀But no more dealing with funnels and pans and shit.

  35. True, so basically need 2 containers on deck. Gotcha lol

  36. Yeah funny enough a square milk crate will hold 4 bottles perfectly. Makes it super easy to take to the store but you don’t have to go after every single change.

  37. Lmao I love how you know that. I'd honestly probably turn it in to advance or Napa every change

  38. Use subaru oem BLACK. The blue one is the US version and isn't as good.

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