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  1. Meanwhile I jerk myself off to the opposite idea. That the majority are mindless zombies (in any country) and I am a based individual who shines the light in darkness

  2. probably the most controversial change in the map is latin America. i think wiah has a very dumb definition of latin America, apparently for him it just means corrupt western countries, because in a recent map you can clearly see he counts Spain and Portugal as latin America by the way they're colored, this doesn't make any sense because if Spain and Portugal are western then so should be the southern cone and Colombia and Venezuela, moving onto other stuff, Guyana and Suriname both have large migrant populations from Hindic and Malay countries respectively, i also don't think there should be any difference between both branches of Buddhism, by that logic protestant and catholic countries should be separate civilizations, so i unified them

  3. I strongly agree with your Latin America shift but I would go further and add northern Mexico in there. I don't know enough about the Buddhist branches to even have an opinion about that part, and I think Sahel is separate because it formed on its own before Islam even existed

  4. It kinda destroys my faith in humanity that my critics won't even engage with my arguments, just throwing attacks at my intelligence or identity while refusing to actually make a point.

  5. Off topic, but I have a question. You said Southeast Asia is the next civ you're doing for that series. Do you mean Malay, Lowland Buddhist, or something else?

  6. Not a whole lot. It has its Western influence but it also has a lot from North Africa and the Middle East (AKA non-Western countries). WIAH calls it the "Jewish civilization" on his map which I agree with because its creation is almost like an odd reverse diaspora of the one the Romans caused many years ago.

  7. You call me wrong because deep down you're the wrong one. Let's see your tier list if it's so much better

  8. I'm not sure that's how it works, I just have a different opinion to you

  9. I certainly wouldn't have guessed Martin Truex Jr winning a championship, and I would have been pretty upset to find out about Carl Edwards. Johnson winning 7 titles I would have been happy about though. As for the new points format and cars, I would have been somewhat interested but probably not care too much.

  10. This is what Whatifalthist thinks they are, not necessarily my opinion. He puts that map in many of his videos

  11. How do you define the west ? And what do you count as sinic ? Also what the fuck are lowlands Buddhist and highland Buddhist? Edit: nipponese what kind of Japlish is that ?

  12. It's all from the WIAH playbook. I don't fully agree with it but I did it based on his classification

  13. Republican leadership has been pushing to overturn Roe v. Wade since it was passed, drawing a connection between this moment & the SJW movement seems really contrived. All that changed is they happened to get their hands on a very influential Presidential term, and worked very keenly to block the previous administration's Supreme Court nomination.

  14. No, I'm talking about the "Anti-SJW backlash" WIAH outlines in his video. Clarence Thomas has openly said rolling back this is only the start.

  15. Most of them fake it to not get crushed in primaries. Although Trump is better than most in DC he still is very corrupt

  16. What do you think about the subs who want PCM banned

  17. Not bad. One thing about his map I've asked myself lately is if the Tongans in Oceania count. They existed separate from the rest of the world for a very long time.

  18. It wasn't them at all. If not for the Founding Fathers freedom wouldn't have gotten very far as an idea in The West.

  19. It took me wayyyy too long to get this.

  20. If he “didn’t pass” he’d have finished every race where he qualified or worse.

  21. It's all fun and games until she shits the Oval Office

  22. Alternate History: What if all cats walked like this?

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