1. There definitely is a stock called AMC and it is going to do something. Whatever that something is, I'm finna see it with shares in my hand.

  2. Edited: I was wrong. Nothing to see here folks, me being dumb commenting without thinking :)

  3. I didn’t see what you said but ape and amc will merge 1:1 then they do reverse split to create new common stock, which will have its own new options chain, then the hedgefunds will batter the price back down to $5 from wherever it goes to after split calculation. So my point is when all is said and done we will have 1/10th the amount of shares at similar price to now pre split but now we (retail) don’t own 99% of the float and only own 50% and aa has billions of shares to sell into the market 90 days after. I’m voting NO just as for the first vote when he asked for dilution and we voted no, which is why he created ape later.

  4. Is this from their new government or the old one?

  5. it must be an art installation look at the way the metal of the car has torn around the trunk, its not natural and has been cut.

  6. you can call them up and ask them to do it too takes 3mins just done it fuck the government

  7. Wow, you managed to contact a real person so quickly?!!!!!

  8. And that is after having lived about 2 years as the other gender, with multiple consent forms filled out not only by yourself, but also by guardians and the doctor themselves.

  9. Yea, I didnt know kids could get full arm tattoos! Crazy if they can, but aren't allowed to choose their gender.

  10. Come on man, it's literally experimentation on people with retardation or mental issues. We have a thing called the Nuremberg Code which is supposed to stop this.

  11. you wont be able to get one at either gatwick or jfk airports they have 0 stock

  12. Now do a chart showing each countries' government spending in relation to gdp LOL

  13. oh wait.... it is gdp! well over half of it LOL fake gdp lies stop lying

  14. horrible i love guns and shooting clays but I absolutely hate killing animals

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