1. Do you think Andre's absence is having an effect in the recent loses? As crazy as it seems he was playing well and we could've used his defense.

  2. And Ratto wasn't a whiny baby with very VERY stupid hot takes!?!?!?!

  3. Ratto was more nihilistic but in a funny way. He made good points when he wanted to. He doesn't get into pointless hot takes. Way more credible than anyone else.

  4. This isn’t a martial arts thing, it’s a maturity thing. You should deescalate because your self worth and self esteem isn’t threatened. If your physically in danger you should react appropriately and not second guess yourself because you’re self assured and aren’t acting to defend a fragile ego.

  5. I see. Gotta decipher between the two. Ya if I'm not in physical danger no point in escalating. If I've done everything to deescalate and they're still aggressive then I gotta be ready to fight.

  6. It's a combination of 2 things: even if you pick a useful martial art, the number one tool for self defense is years, and being trained to fight teaches you the stakes. Defending yourself without the safety nets that sparring/full contact fighting is no fun and even winning in those situations doesn't feel good and is at best a relief.

  7. Ya I've always felt even if you win or beat someone up it doesn't even feel that good.

  8. Giving up 130 every night won't continue. This must have been a historical output by opponents the last 5 games or so. Also, the Dubs haven't been blown out, they just can't keep up. If they are at least average on defense and give up 115 instead of 130 they have a chance.

  9. I’m with you. I’m with them. I believe this season is Kerr’s toughest assignment yet and the bike chain of this squad has yet to sync in with the spokes of their potential.

  10. If they end up winning the chip that would be the biggest F-you to everyone.

  11. It would be absolutely astonishing if we somehow lost tonight's game IDC if we have a road curse

  12. It can take several days for them to finish building and then lay eggs and start sitting on them. Don’t give up yet!

  13. Birds don't sleep on nests. They're just there when they have eggs, they will be perched somewhere else for the night if they hadn't finished the nest and started laying eggs yet.

  14. Why are you so upset ? You sound offended and are coming off rhetorical .

  15. I think Klay and Dray are happy with having 4 rings and are not mentally locked in or trying hard enough on the road. They want to wave the 4 rings in other people’s faces. Boasting about the past, not improving for the future. And is it really that outlandish? It’s extremely hard to get 4 rings. But other teams are hungrier, and they take advantage of the complacence.

  16. I love this explanation. Makes a ton of sense to me.

  17. Dubs either gonna prove they're saving themselves for the playoffs or they're getting old. I hope its the former. That would be the biggest F you to everyone, even the fans.

  18. If the Dubs were winning and Brooks was still chirping then its well deserved but they ain't doing shit rn. Brooks has every right to talk smack . It just makes them look like they're trying to hold onto old memories than the present.

  19. Who tf is that? And you're retarded if you wear your pants sagging like that.

  20. He has probably reached his peak. He tends to disappear when he gets personally marked. All he can do is maintain this lvl of performance and will probably be good by liga MX standards.


  22. If this team played average defense at best they'd probably still be winning with ease since the offense is more than capable. Part of why it's so frustrating but there's still hope. The last 5 games or so must have been record setting for points given up.

  23. Here’s the thing without Wiggs and GP2 we are a .500 team but if we can sneak in to the post season and get these dudes back and they can play close to the level of last year, I still like our chances at making another run.

  24. Its hard to believe with the way things are going now but I absolutely think so.

  25. We are small and we don't have any front court depth.

  26. even if Wiggins and GP2 both came back, neither would be anywhere close to game shape to make any difference

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