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  1. Denver is not all bass music as others suggest. The electronic music scene in general is very good and has lots of variety. Not a huge techno scene though, at least not that I’ve found (or have been looking for). A local promoter, Option4, has been bringing through a lot of great DJs, especially as of late with his Hotline series. There’s also a great organic house scene.

  2. I've had it at Chocklo on Yosemite near Arapahoe. Awesome arepas, too.

  3. When they did the Big Brother/Challenge premier it was a 90/90 split and I remember thinking how perfect it felt. It allows more time for more in-depth storytelling.

  4. How far is the parking lot for shows? I've gone to red rocks a few times on trips to hike around the area... Just never for a show.

  5. jamesjamesjames, Elkka, George FitzGerald, Justin Martin

  6. You’ll find much cheaper parking using the Spot Hero app.

  7. Also that breakfast salsa hit different too. God-tier condiment.

  8. I used to be attracted to guys with long hair until I had a roommate who had long hair. I would find his hair EVERYWHERE. Fucking gross.

  9. Oh that new UI is ugly and horrible to use.

  10. You can get two motorcycles for under $30K in 2022, in like 1860 or whenever they filmed this that would be even easier.

  11. 2007 apparently price is right started in '72. ( I too thought it was older)

  12. If you eat like shit and your body doesn't process the food right you get orange or green shit green is usually diarrhea and orange is constipation ngl kinda helpful for your body to give you color signals to know what's fucked up

  13. Hydration packs/water bottles are allowed, just make sure they’re empty. There are water fountains where you can fill them.

  14. Unbelievable set, still in aw. And we knew it was our time and I/Y hit me so hard.

  15. I can't believe that made it through so many naming groups, meetings etc just to be called that haha!

  16. I’ve been waiting on a NORDLI dresser to com back into stock for months now…

  17. I’ve been wanting to try it but it’s simply too expensive.

  18. Dress in layers. Bring rain gear or a poncho in case it snows. It’s not bad if you come prepared. I saw Dom Dolla earlier this year in a freaking blizzard and it was pure magic.

  19. I’ve been skipping for almost a year now… I use HF as a meal planning service and I go buy the ingredients myself.

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