1. Great, thank you for choosing our penis servis, expect your new penis to arrive within the next 3-5 workdays😊

  2. Hmmmm, layers and layers of irony in these skull memes ,what can us simpletons infer . I have no.idea wjat is reality

  3. I like watching the middle eastern ghost hunters. They run right at the “things” they see while screaming “bismillah!!”

  4. Some of those have really good vids. I'd say those are , aside from japanese ones, the only actually scary videos.

  5. The best part was when everybody told him it was a joke he basically said “I’m too busy and thriving in my career to know it’s a joke” lmao while insulting wrestling fans

  6. He can't be that busy if he got time to lecture people on Twitter about jokes lol

  7. As much as he is an ass, he is the only few younger gen of rich dudes who stay committed to his wife.

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