1. Took me around 90 wins to hit KoG last season, pleasantly surprised I hit it in only 62 this time around because I didn't think that this would be a very favorable meta for trains (and I still don't, I don't like the matchups with BA, Rose Dragons, or Heros). This deck wants to win quick by getting its shit on the board, popping your opponent's board and swinging with Liebe, but can also grind out wins more than you might think. It has good recursion with Pegasus and Bullet Train that allows you to recycle resources and get your big XYZ monsters back online consistently. You almost always want to go 2nd, this deck still has pretty limited turn 1 options.

  2. Congrats! It's good someone did climb easy with an off meta deck. What would your be replacement for a 3rd Derricrane if you didn't have it?

  3. Probably that 3rd copy of Night Express Knight. The deck is already a bit prone to bricking by opening with too many backrow since you don't have any searchers or one card combos (Pegasus is one but only if you have a level 10 in the grave already) so you need multiple monsters in hand to do your early plays.

  4. I'm picturing a group of MSU fans lugging a couch out of the visiting locker all the way to midfield and torching it in celebration and it's glorious

  5. wait...are you sure you're not confusing MSU with WVU?

  6. This list only further reinforces just how completely our starting rotation has been fucked this season.

  7. To date we have had FIFTEEN different pitchers start at least one game for us this season

  8. It will almost definitely be better than the last Predator movie at least. You know, the one where the plot of the movie was that the Predator wanted to take the autistic child back to their planet so they could use him to give their species weaponized autism?

  9. So, I’m going to be in America (from the UK) during a preseason game or two. We are staying in a villa for our duration in Florida. How likely or probably more realistically unlikely could we watch a game on tv easily?

  10. If you go to a sports bar type place like Buffalo Wild Wings for example, they'll probably have most if not every game currently being played on their wall-to-wall TVs

  11. Some of these coaches appear to be under the impression that our roster consists of 85 brand new players that we just picked up this off-season

  12. They also kill more cats and dogs than animal shelters at a 72% euthanasia rate

  13. What the replay doesn't show is the 5 second delay after the negate where he tried to comprehend what just happened

  14. 4-12 season OP referenced he had 4800 yards passing 36 total TDs, 450 rush yards and only 7 INTs. No denying the talent. That’s for sure

  15. Yeah Watson's a scumbag and I'm glad we (as far as I know) didn't make a move for him, but we of all fanbases should know by now that wins aren't a QB stat

  16. I mean come on now, for what Grossman has been this year? That's still probably an overpay.

  17. Once it began getting out that he was trending green someone on the MSU Rivals board posted a link to a Tennessee fan site with a thread talking about him and some of those dudes were HEATED that they'd be losing a recruit to an inferior program like MSU. Yeah I know, fan message boards aren't indicative of the fan base as a whole, whatever whatever. But it does add a little more enjoyment to this one

  18. sitting in freezing temperatures for 4 hours to watch us squeak out a late 4th quarter comeback win over a 1-11 Rutgers team in 2018

  19. Is Huard expected to start the season over Penix?

  20. Taking this as an opportunity to reminisce on Ian Kinsler because I miss that beautiful angry bastard

  21. Sara, the sorcerer who stabbed the darkhold and seemed to burn and turn to ash from the inside out. Then has the one tear falling from her face.

  22. And to add insult to injury it was immediately rendered absolutely meaningless since Wong just told Wanda about the dark hold cave anyways

  23. There's a lot of people in the Sopranos that are worth hating, but there's something about Carmella that just kills me. She's such a jealous, hypocritical, piece of shit.

  24. Im on season 6 of my first watch through and I get actually angry whenever Janice appears on my screen, even when she hasn't done anything yet. Fuckin parasite

  25. Give the Sparty windmill kicker a bad snap and see what happens

  26. Ball takes a high bounce off the dirt right into the kicker's hands and he runs it in instead. That team had some sort of ancient luck deity watching over them that season or some shit

  27. Might be OSU/MSU again. MSU has a pretty easy schedule until the Ohio State game so there is a pretty good chance they are both undefeated going into the game

  28. Agreed with the first sentence but I think @Washington, vs. Minnesota, @Maryland has a good chance of being a pretty tough stretch right before OSU

  29. Yeah people don’t give the big10 west enough credit they may not have amazing records but those teams are hard to play

  30. And Minnesota is bookended by 2 very dangerous QB's if Penix is healthy for Washington, plus we never seem to do well on west coast road games

  31. 5.2 IP, 5H, 0R, 2BB, 6K for Manning in Toledo yesterday

  32. Its too bad that the coach with the coolest name of the bunch is also the worst one

  33. Trains did it again, from just logging in for daily event items to the unexpected KoG!

  34. I unlocked Ante after hitting KoG and have been messing around with it since wins don't really matter now. I can confirm that it is very funny, but I wouldn't necessarily call it good and I don't think I'll be including it to climb next month

  35. Antonio Gates never played college football if that counts, just basketball at Kent State and Eastern Michigan. Interestingly, Nick Saban recruited him to MSU to play football, but chose basketball

  36. Yeah he wanted to play both here, Saban said he didn't want him to play both and should just play football. Gates said ok im gonna go play basketball somewhere else then (why he didn't/couldn't play just basketball here I'm not sure, idk the full details)

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