The Lian Li Q58!

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  1. i guess bad map design ? no one was able to get in there and since the A point was the only one available in this map we won

  2. That thing's gigantic! How'd you get it into your house?

  3. Make sure you connect it using XLR cables it sounds way better than RCA cables because it's balanced trust me I did it and it sounds better. If your receiver or amp doesn't have XLR connections just buy 2 RCA male to XLR male cables depending on how many sub outputs your receiver has, the sub will sound a lot fuller.

  4. never heard of this before . ill check it out thanks

  5. For real though, one of the only tanks I consistently don’t get 1-shot in is that dangerous wedge

  6. you can see he wasnt ignorant . he was aiming from my ammo rack but since i was at 50% capacity the right ammo rack is empty

  7. I feel if you’re considering a Surface Laptop, for the same price it would remiss not to consider the M1 MacBook Air in the same category for the fact it has more power, better battery life and better thermals. The M1 chip basically beats out not only the Core i5/Ryzen 5 at price parity level to the entry level Surface Laptop, but also the added cost i7 option as well. Battery life

  8. i would LOVE to get an M1 it ticks all the boxes but i dont like using OSX

  9. So jealous of the shorter GPUs. Great build btw!

  10. thanks . i just wish if the 8 pin connector was soldered on the board . its currently dangling from the board

  11. Where are you installing? It's just over 6 inches.

  12. a lian li Q58 . with a rad installed the clearance will be minimal to the point where it might be difficult to get to the outlet port of the rad which will be directly on top of the pump

  13. Depending on the length of your GPU, the pump might be an issue.

  14. how are people buying this case . its still preorder on all the sites i visit

  15. Yeah I looked into this further I think the Q58 is the better option for me at least! Already pre ordered, now just waiting for them to ship the case

  16. The 90° hardline are meant to connect two tubes, not screw onto a block.

  17. Something I sometimes forget to recommend too is that you don't want to forget about a drain valve. It makes loop maintenance so much easier.

  18. huh interesting . i used to just tilt the pc over a bucket like a Neanderthal

  19. im giving away my Kef R300 for a friend and want to upgrade to something new

  20. they've ? no wonder they are peeking i have never heard of it spoken before

  21. i cant seem to recall any instance of its use just " they have"

  22. i was able to get every part as MSRP . the SF750 was a bit hard to get though but i did eventually

  23. ok so this is unusual post but because you cant really find this PSU anymore and many are trying to get one i was able to pick one in japan and ship it to the US

  24. reminds me when my dream glitched when my phone rang

  25. I really hope this gets to the stability level of 6.72

  26. its been a while since i was here but i thought 6.72 stability was still bad . this isnt the case anymore ?

  27. The show? Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. Really entertaining show from back in the day.

  28. Did you ever hear the tragedy of OCZ The Brick ? I thought not. It’s not a story samsung would tell you. It.s an SSD legend. OCZ was a SSD manufacturer of cheap and fast consumer grade SSD . so powerful and so cheap it could use its capital to to acquire Indilinx to develop its own SSD controller in-house . It had such a knowledge of the SSDs that it could even keep up with refunds for dying SSDs. The dark side of the new SSD market is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. It became so powerful… the only thing it was afraid of was losing capital , which eventually, of course, it did.

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