1. It is no ones fault but your own ! You should have been more motivated to grow ! Then you wouldn’t have that problem !

  2. Think about what you’re thinking about

  3. This is a logical fallacy : bifurcation

  4. I have been under the impression that SCHDs dividend was monthly since it was listed as a 30 day yield on Robin Hood but when I checked I won’t receive one for over sixty days … something tells me it’s quarterly

  5. 30 day yield is just that, the 30 day yield for SCHD. It has nothing to do with the dividend payout schedule.

  6. Pretty misleading … amazed at what people down vote on here

  7. You’re squinty eye is almost as pretty as the bulging one

  8. This is often a part of the story in many comics Both the security and his philanthropy. Every time there’s a gala or party for donations or investments that gets interrupted by the penguin or joker those little word bubbles you apparently don’t read are full of those things ie orphanages spending programs and rehab for prisoners .

  9. Bro quit your condescending rude ass shit.. I didn't say shit rude to you so don't come at me like a arrogant asshole period. Save that reddit bullshit for someone else and quit spewing out your pretentious bs I'm not the one

  10. Yeah that’s what I would say if my reading comprehension was as poor as yours

  11. You don’t need to develop thick skin you need to develop those missing chromosomes

  12. I was supposed to have a dividend payment today and it did not come through also looked at my upcoming events and it said my next dividend is not scheduled to be received until 68 days out. Pretty strange for a monthly yield.

  13. Animal testing of tranquilizers But you’re the test animal

  14. I bet it ran like a human on flipper feet just like this “drawing”

  15. Great sketch and likeness ! I bet she loves this !

  16. The only thing worse is when you’re buying clothes and the clerk insists that these huge clothes couldn’t possibly fit you. Then they say yeah you’re tall but these jeans are huge. Of course you are coming directly from the fitting rooms and headed right toward shame. Somehow that b:t€h thought it was a compliment.

  17. Does she seriously not have a sub dedicated to her?

  18. I figured he kept shooting because he still had rounds left in the magazine? Doesn’t seem very complicated to me.

  19. In most cases criminals don’t have to get back up to be a threat they just have to be able to pull the trigger one more time . That’s why you shoot to kill

  20. Yes! Buy as much as you can and convince as many people to do the same ! Even if it’s just so I can break even and exit my position ! It’s a good cause I swear !

  21. 3500 at $1.19, just looking to break even at this point. Last couple months have been BROOTAL.

  22. I’m holding a few bags right next to you . Hoping this will get us to break even and exit . Between this and Amazon I’m done with single stocks and gambling ! Good luck

  23. It doesn’t matter who you are ! Assholes will find an excuse to harass you if you stand out in any way ! Nobody’s got it good and humans are awful most of the time

  24. Just had this for my last meal what a coincidence

  25. How dear they ?!?!?!? I will take two please …

  26. You’ll do fine with those but having a growth etf/fund either S&P or Total market is a good idea from someone starting out. Check out something like VTI, VOO, ITOT, SPY, SCHG, or SPLG. If one of those makes sense for your goals you can choose to either add it or replace one of the 3 you’ve picked.

  27. Everyone always suggests this but what if they have a 401k thats already going into a s&p500 ? Seems redundant and these div growth stocks until retirement then converting the 401k into whatever income trend is best at the time seems better

  28. Yeah I had the same thought, my 401k is in the s&p500, my Roth IRA I was going back and forth between s&p and total market. Ended up doing total market MM in that and for my taxable I'm concentrating on DIVO for an income stream.

  29. Yeah of course I’m gonna steer the conversation in a way that answers the financial questions I have just for us (or actually my selfish ass) ! What makes DIVo more attractive to you than DGRO and DGRW ?

  30. You don’t just make poor choices you want everyone to know you make poor choices… congratulations you have entered the next level of self destruction !

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