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  1. Isn't suki gokoro amazing? I just got it as well, last night, along with Kokoro guma. I have a feeling I'm gonna be going through the bottle fast.

  2. I got mine for an on the go sketchbook (watercolor included), and never looked back!! I’m beyond bonded and it’s one of the best purchases i’ve ever made— I hope you bond with and love yours just as much. Happiest of painting, and I hope you’ll share some here!

  3. marc bacas did a fude grind for me that’s solid— highly recommend him. He was amazing to work with.

  4. This looks like mine, which I bought from an authorized retailer back when they were still available. The color of the olives vary a lot, and the stamping can definitely vary in crispness and even come out darker depending on the leather. A lot of the darker/crisper debossing tends to be on the fuzzier leathers, but there are always exceptions since it’s a natural material with a lot of variation.

  5. I love this collection! Most of mine is black, white, or clear demo, but when I go for color I also go for yellow. What a happy set 💛🧡

  6. It’s a g nib. I love these nibs, but i’ve only used them in dip pens. I imagine they’d be a bit high maintenance in a fountain pen, especially since they need cleaned regularly.

  7. Knew it was him immediately. It still feels so unreal that he’s passed. I’m not sure that there’s ever been an artist that I learned more from, and I had never even met him, and i’m sure I can’t even imagine how those close to him still feel. Best of with off handed drawing. I taught myself this a few years ago due to a nerve injury, and it gets easier! You’re gonna be a champ at it based on how your brush work is doing already!

  8. It is my absolute favorite ink, and i’m still so sad to see it discontinued, but I don’t think it’s worth paying twice the price for it.

  9. I have 2 favorites that I like for 2 very different reasons.

  10. Funnily enough, 90% of my collection is gold nibs, and I have a couple of pg and pgs, and no longer have a kakuno in my collection. That said if I lost everything and had to do it again, I wouldn’t replace the majority of what I have, but 100% would get a kakuno in the limited selection I’d pick to have again. It’s such a great pen.

  11. I have 10, but have tried a lot more. My favorite is a pilot custom heritage 92 the nib just works with the way I draw and utilize line control really perfectly. I was worried when I first bought it because it was my first gold nib and really nice pen, but even now with far spendier, fancier, and modified pens in my collection, it’s still my favorite as it was out of the box bc it’s the perfect nib for me. I have a rotring 600 that is also a favorite in use, but it was ground to suit me more— I wasn’t fond of the nib before that—and it’s not one I’d replace if I lost it unless the circumstances were right, namely due to accessibility and cost, which also causes me to treat it a little more preciously. That’s the only reason rank it as a step below instead of tied with the ch92 that I have no issue with throwing around, and is the only pen in my collection that i’d replace in a heartbeat.

  12. That’s really beautiful. It’s so interesting how differently they age! I’ve never used leather balm on my camel passport either, though it’s also definitely fully patina’d and glossy now, but very clearly is still camel (though I don’t recall it starting with the fuzzier nubuck leather). Here’s to many years with your records, and i’m sure it will grow to be just as beautiful as your old one in its own way!

  13. Pilot kakuno is by far my fave budget pen, especially for an extra fine. They’ve been smooth for me, and their extra fine definitely runs very, VERY fine

  14. Agree with previous post that leather will still change over time. The fuzzier feeling tn’s i’ve had have all eventually gotten slick and smooth, though I never conditioned them, as they never really needed it. I’d use it if the leather became dry, but i haven’t hit that point yet. That said, there ARE different kinds of leather conditioners, and different kinds of care routines for different types of leather, yes— I know for example that Saphir makes a number of different leather conditioners, including a leather balm called napa that doesn’t contain wax and is meant for more delicate leathers.

  15. Thanks for the input! I'll probably try my hand at my own inserts but it's nice to know it'll handle light washes.

  16. NP! Making your own is definitely worth it— I forgot to mention though that if you need a sample, I believe the most recent pinned post on my profile should be an ink and waterbrush sketch on midori paper (it would be the one with an earthy orange ink). that one took a couple layers and had no issues, as a reference point!

  17. That looks amazing! I never would have thought midori paper would look that good with watercolor.

  18. Thank you and yeah!! it’s a surprisingly durable paper. there’s def a LOT more of a limit, but all things considered you can push it pretty far for what it is. Best of with yours, I hope you enjoy it for your art purposes!

  19. Thanks for sharing. Do you like one more than othe other, color-wise? I like how grey the blue looks actually, or is it the lighting?

  20. it’s the lighting! Mine is a pretty variable color depending on light. In bright daylight it leans very clearly teal. I prefer blue, it’s my favorite color wise. I really love how it ages— my old one that I lost got very deep and rich. It was still definitely teal, just much darker and with more depth. Black is easily my second favorite, though.

  21. Yes! I love Sabimidori, and Sukigokoro is a lot like a slightly less saturated version of sabimidori.

  22. well I guess i’m adding this to cart, because this is exactly what I had hoped sabimidori would be when I bought it!

  23. We went to Dromgoole’s a few weeks ago. Sitting on a rack were the Opus 88 pens, a brand I’ve never really considered. I picked up the Bela in green and showed it to the lady and she said, “Wow, that’s ugly.” I replied, “Yes, I love it.”

  24. I've had my eye on the koloros! Not even remotely a grail for me, I just don't have room for one in my collection right now, but I've decided I'll grab one when an old TWSBI I've got inevitably cracks. The eysdropper system seems great, and they're so flexible with nib swapping-- having one to throw vintage nibs into would be a dang dream, it just seems like such a versatile and useful pen body to have!

  25. I’ve got a rotring 600 with an 18k nib that was ground to a needlepoint by mike masuyama. It was my grail and p much killed most of my desire for any other pen, so I’d stick with that, I think!

  26. I don't use the cloth bag, really. I keep spare inserts in mine that im not using yet. That said, I don't know if this will help since it's in a completely different place, but I've had a very messy couple of india ink paw prints on the inside of my cover for a while now from my dog being an adorable menace, and I don't think they're going anywhere!

  27. I always love a deep blue with a gold, too, though inprefer greener leaning blues! Ina-ho with syo-ro or birmingham heron is a consistent favorite combo. I’m not particular about what is header and what is body, emohasis, etc, but right now I really love iroshizuku yu-yake and kyo no oto kokeiro or sailor rikyu-cha together. It reminds me of poppies.

  28. usually 300gsm watercolor paper (saunders, arches, or fabriano), I do 6 sheets. Midori cotton, usually around 15 sheets, and 68gsm tomoe river, usually 20 sheets. I stitch my watercolor inserts, and use a long armed stapler for the other two. Still holding out hope that travelers will make midori cotton inserts one day so I can stop makin’ them! I’d imagine 30 minutes or so per insert? most of the time is spent prefolding, and most of that time is just because I have a nerve injury that makes the simple task of folding and stitching a little tedious lol. Stapling and trimming doesn’t really take that long, so time is shorter if stapled.

  29. It depends on your needs! I don't think there's one that is better than the other, but there might be one that better suits your own needs and writing style vs others. For example, I have a light hand, so I tend to like 2b or softer. Anything softer than a 2b tends to be more fragile in .3, so that's where I might be more particular about a certain brand than say, a .5 or 2mm lead. Someone who likes harder graphites might not be so worried about that preference, and instead look at how much a lead smears, how fast it wears down, how durable it is, etc. Try out a few and see what suits you!

  30. Seconding Mike Masuyama. He's done needlepoints, smoothing and adjustments, as well as flex and spencerian on some of my nibs. Every one has been incredible.

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