I started playing Pokémon in 2012, and I just got my 2nd shiny today. And it was during Calculus. On a school calculator that I jailbreaked...

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  1. Is the Klipsch the KSW-12? I had the same sub for years and just replaced it in Jan-Feb with the PB-1000 Pro. Couldn’t believe what I’d been missing! The guy that said the Klipsch sucked was right.

  2. I’ve been rocking the same KSW-12 for years. I still love it and think it sounds great but I also haven’t had the chance to hear anything better. I think it might be time to upgrade my entire setup.

  3. Finally finished all the trials last night and I’m so happy I don’t have to watch it anymore

  4. This guy knows how to profile pic

  5. I used it exactly once because I hated how tight the cable was wound. Easier to just coil it up so it lays flatter imo

  6. That's a high quality dash cam jesus christ.

  7. Yeah I’m a big fan of this one. I wanted a second for my truck but the brand has disappeared off Amazon unfortunately

  8. Great album. My only complaint is I wish the skits were separate tracks

  9. I took the backs of all 3 cabinets off so air flows out the back, but I may modify it to have a fan in place for each cabinet to help exhaust the heat better. The Xbox and PS5 seem to do fine with exhausting since they have active cooling, but the receiver doesn’t so it’s definitely something I’m looking into.

  10. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I’d just want to make sure they’re quiet enough, if not silent. I would assume you wouldn’t hear it too much with sitting all the way away from it. Do you have a link for the ones you used?

  11. And here I thought the LTT video was the first time I saw it

  12. Yeah that looks really good. How’d you get it? Was it an option when you got it?

  13. Well, it’s the car that was at the dealer that day and realized that it beat walking.

  14. Ah nice. I’ve been trying to decide on what color I want to go with and I’m leaning towards black or white since grey is only offered in matte on the A91 and the blue I’m not completely sold on.

  15. I figured. If you like tool and zep, who else man? Theyre my top 2 and i need a third.

  16. Honestly it’s tough lol. Tool and Zeppelin are definitely my top two but my other all time favorites in no particular order would be Foo Fighters, Lamb of God, Primus, Metallica, Journey, Nirvana, Pink Floyd. I can keep going but there’s just so many great bands out there.

  17. Damn we’re already on the same page lmao. Every now and then someone mentions a new gem when i ask that. If youre up for it amd havent heard of them, try the psychedelic porn crumpets. Listen to found god in a tomato or hymn for a droid. Good shit man

  18. I’ll check it out! Soen is another good one that sounds similar to Tool

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