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  1. The High Sparrow was quite based, especially in the book. He practiced what he preached and sold the Faith's riches to feed the poor. He immediately saw through Cersei's plot against Margaery and finally held her accountable for all her crimes. What's not to love?

  2. So am I, but that doesn't mean I have to hate every religious character. I'm also a liberal and a republican, doesn't mean I have to hate all these feudalist lords and monarchs. When immersing myself into this fictional world I don't have to judge everyone by modern day beliefs and values. Religion in the past played a huge role in most people's lives. If this character uses religion to do good, I can support that.

  3. I don’t hate every religious character, but I do hate zealots.

  4. That's not what they're saying, they're saying the whole House is extinct which is so demonstrably false it hurts

  5. The Hightowers most relevant to the Dance are dead and that’s what matters in the context of the story.

  6. I realized the post is locked so I can link it since it can't be brigaded

  7. there’s a comment where someone said they sent the dash footage to the police lol

  8. Whataboutism. That was thousands of years ago and wasn't right then. But that doesn't make what the Valyrians did and the Targaryens are currently doing right.

  9. Uh which Targaryens? Aegon Targaryen or Rhaenyra Targaryen?

  10. All of them. They are all oppressive tyrants. Even the good ones.

  11. NOT. TRUE. When you apply for a job, you need to either have a passport(to prove citizenship), or an H1B visa. You also need one nowadays to fly on an airplane as a consequence of the RealID act.

  12. Wth?? This is the only sub I've found where you don't get down voted to death for being anti Targ and pro smallfolk. The Targs are an awful dynasty and I prefer the Greens because they have the Hightowers on their side.

  13. They're literal Valyrian supremacists and Eugenicists, they looked up to Visenya literally Maegors mom. The Black's really have a hard on and focus on their Valyrian heritage which is slavery, blood magic, and Dragon incest. I'm sure especially with Daemon at the head, it's very plausible the Black's would have brought back slavery if they had been in that position too.

  14. Find me quotes from the text to support your claims.

  15. sounds like a dope af hobby don’t be a h8r

  16. Good people involved but I’m not ready for the early 2000s nostalgia era to be in full swing.

  17. No I didn’t. Your point was bad. Your brought up Baelor, a total non sequitur. I responded in kind.

  18. The original comment was about wether the seven or Valyrian culture was better for the people of Westeros. I brought up baelor to showcase how the seven influenced him to be charitable to his people. I made no commentary on wether or not he was a good king or even a good person, the only reason I brought him up was to show how the seven influenced his outlook on helping the smallfolk. This is in comparison with Maegor who let his “better than thou” Valyrian attitude get in the way and made him tyrannical to the people he viewed below him.

  19. My whole point is that that’s a false dichotomy. I don’t think the choice between blacks and greens is the choice between the Faith and Valyrian culture. I think both teams are made up of self serving narcissists with no regard for the smallfolk.

  20. well i mean it’s very easy to ignore what actors have to say about their characters

  21. Alicent marries an old man and becomes his brood mare, gets marital raped over and over, the only things keeping her sane being her children and faith. Rhaenyra marries a gay guy because politics, fucks a straight guy because she wants to, then marries her uncle because she was groomed and has Stockholm syndrome.

  22. yeah idk how anyone with emotional intelligence can watch this show and not empathize

  23. No….babycakes is the name of his car. His name is never actually mentioned. OP worded and punctuated it correctly. He asks Herc to “unhook babycakes” as they are having a tow truck tow babycakes away, unless he moves his crew to Hamsterdam.

  24. I unironically think Rogue One is the worst Disney Star Wars film. Yes, even worse than Rise of Skywalker. I will take actual characters doing silly things over cardboard cut-outs doing boring errands any day of the week.

  25. I’d put it above Skywalker but I never understood the adoration it gets. I saw it in theaters, it was fine. Forest Whitaker is weird in a bad way. 5/10.

  26. The show is making the argument that it actually wasn’t inevitable that Rhaenyra would need to kill Alicent’s children. That’s the difference in the story they are telling.

  27. Sell/burn/storage their Blackhawks stuff and cheer for another team.

  28. because at a certain level of economic development the fertility rate tends to drop off

  29. Carbon taxes and economic growth are not mutually exclusive.

  30. Lmao Paul Ryan couldn’t even win a statewide race in Wisconsin at this point.

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