[OC] Do you belief in ghosts?

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Murder of Nichole Alloway in 2009 - A Sex Trafficking Attorney, a Compromised Alcoholic Judge, a Retired Current Sheriff, and a Silent Drug Task Force Agent. Why is Nichole's murder still unsolved, and where are all the missing women of Ohio?

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  1. Thank you for your answer. In fact consulting is the first plan I have right now. But I just happened to think about finance and how it could be something interesting. When I went down that rabbit hole I found people that said that quant was the place for phds in finance so I thought I would try to learn more about it. It is good to know how competitive it is, I did not realize that before. You mention being male as a factor, is it easier for women to get in the field at the moment?

  2. That's nice and all, but imagine when they start running ads on there too.. it's inevitable

  3. I knew a cool startup that was working on an augmented reality app for showing the past of historical sites. Nobody wanted to invest unless they pivoted to building marketing apps. So ads are definitely coming. It’s sad really

  4. I’ve seen more news come out of the Supreme Court this week than I have in the past decade. It really makes me wish I got into politics so I could be more fired up about it, but what the fuck am I gonna do as a normal citizen when protesting doesn’t work?

  5. We can get involved with our local Democrats. I googled my county+ democrats and found their website where there were group pictures where people all seemed like they were above 80 years old. They need help. I joined their social media and intend to give time to the mid- term campaign. If we all do that we can sway things the right way. Just look at what happened in Georgia. I do not have a lot of hope, but what I have left lies in local involvement of liberals.

  6. I’ve been writing postcards to voters to advocate for pro choice sentiment. I don’t really know what else I can do

  7. It is a great start! I think grouping up is key. There will be protests, they are important to show that there are a lot of people on our side, we are the majority after all. There will also be meetings where people will come up with actions that are appropriate for the locality. Door to door, letters, pamphlets! Actually taking action and doing something already sends a message. And people who are on the fence might be able to see that nice neighbors they know are demanding positive change and might consider switching sides. It’s not guaranteed it will succeed, but defeatism is guaranteed to fail for us.

  8. Would you mind sharing how this worked out for you? I am in the exact same shoes. My husband recently renewed his L1B and I would like to change mine from TN to L2S as I am switching employers soon and would really like a visa that doesn’t effectively tie me down to one employer/job.

  9. So I ended up calling a layer who told me that I could get the L2S at the border since it is my first time getting it. We went back home to Canada and I asked for the L2S at the airport. I had a lot of documents with me just in case, but they only took my marriage certificate and my husband’s I-797. It went smoothly. Good luck with your new job!

  10. The boob light fixtures above the bathroom vanities are a new thing for me

  11. Why do I suddenly have a craving for Rice Krispie treats?

  12. I support the notion of the article that one should try and get first hand experience with a particular person before judging.

  13. I do not agree that the article implies that women academics cannot be toxic. I think she shows how quickly we are to jump to the conclusion that a female academic who is not perfect is either crazy or a bitch that we should avoid. And yes, a past of discrimination, like having your accomplishments constantly attributed to the men you work with, can indeed harden even the most amiable person.

  14. Dedicated tech teams for both main and working viral seed stocks(MVSS / WVSS). Their job is to make sure both of them stay in ideal condition.

  15. This is mine as well! I just can't resist, I crack up every time!

  16. Of fucking course is was in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Jesus christ what the hell goes on up there.

  17. For the love of god, when you contact the authors on a paper be polite and keep in mind that they don't owe you anything. My girlfriend developed a technique and got contacted by 60+ people. She got a lot of shit flung at her by people who didn't even bother reading the protocol beforehand. She also got treated like shit by most people because they thought she was doing them a favor.

  18. This is SO important! Please read everything you can and even perhaps have a try at a it before you "just ask" someone to show you. They will greatly appreciate your effort and probably be more inclined to help you. Don't be a leech.

  19. I live in New Orleans, public singing and dancing are the norm. If someone needs to concentrate at work, pipe down. Baby sleeping on a bus, maybe sing a lullaby. If you notice people are annoyed/disturbed just hum softly to yourself.

  20. I lived close to there and I loved going to some grocery stores (Froogel's) where they played funky music and people would sign and dance while grocery shopping! It's one of the things I miss the most about that place.

  21. I am not really a longtime academic, but I did go through the transition from searching for papers in the library to what we have access to now.

  22. Love your RH of Silicon Valley idea! I have been dreaming about that too! Would love to see a woman VC and the crazy pitches she has to hear all day! Female entrepreneurs, wives of tech bros! So much potential for craziness! I want that SO MUCH!

  23. I personally would prefer to have a wall like that in display where you can have a conversation about it with your guests, like the living room or the pool room. However, looking at the number of shower heads in that shower, I think more interesting parties happen in that bathroom than in their pool! 👀

  24. The table reminds me of furniture that was made in Canada in the 70's. It could be a very common design at the time however.

  25. There were rumors early on that she was a drug snitch and that's why Timberlake let her go. tbh this case has gone on so long and is so crazy I've wondered that myself.

  26. The Epstein link is definitely possible, especially since he had ties to Ohio through Les Wexner, I think Epstein even lived there for a while. According to one of Epstein's victims, Wexner is the head of that trafficking ring.

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